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About Me

My name is Kaityln and I’m a 13 year old girl who loves fashion, I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember I still remember when I was a really little kid I was always into fashion and make up and I always cared how I looked oh I was such a diva child (Still am!) But I was very picky with my outfits and needed them to be fabulous or I’d hate them forever my other siblings didn’t really pick out their outfits but I did, and always needed more clothes but at that time I didn’t know how to match my clothes so my mom would always pick out my outfits, but I just wanted to pick out my own. I also remember I saw my mom wearing make up and thought “This stuff is SO magical I need to wear it!” So i’d always get markers and give my dolls some make up, and always ask my mom “When can I wear make up?” and she’d always say “You’re to young for make up wait until you’re older” So I just did makeovers on my dolls, as well as make up i’d also make outfits for my dolls and all that jazz. I’ve always been a fashion loving diva and I think I always will be. Aside from my LOVE of fashion I’m also into gymnastics and baking, I’m a level 7,8,9 gymnast my best event is Vault and my worst is either beam or bars not sure, but bars are my favorite then floor, beam, and vault, I love all the events so it doesn’t matter what i’m good or bad at because i’m always having fun! As I said I also love to bake, one of my sisters thought I’d want to be a chef a few years ago but I just like baking as a hobby because something about it is just so fun my favorite thing to bake is oatmeal cookies from scratch they’re so fun and yummy to make sometimes I’ll even add in chocolate chips to my mix YUMMY. Some Other things I like to do are: Making YouTube videos, Hang out with my friends, go shopping, watch pretty little liars or doctor who, play on the trampoline, go on walks, jog, work out, yoga, sketch, just things normal teen 13 year old girls do but with lots of fashion involved.

About My Blog And Why I Started It.

Now we’re onto what my blog is about. So my blog is about Fashion and Beauty, I’ll post about trends, Fashion News, Celebrity Fashion, Nail Art, Hair, Make Up, Fashion Week, Tips and Tricks, OOTD, Pictures, D.I.Y, Inspiring things, And anything I do that is fashion/beauty related. I’ll make posts every Sunday in the Eastern Time Zone and I won’t post at any specific time just anytime on Sunday EST. So my blog is fashion and beauty only and it’s mainly for teen girls but anyone can read it if they want to.

Why did I start a fashion blog?

So if I already have a fashion and beauty YouTube channel why did I make blog? Well the answer to that is easy. My channel is about fashion and beauty, but it’s more on the fashion side and here on my blog I want lots of fashion and beauty, my parents don’t want my face on the internet so on YouTube I need to wear some reflective sunglasses which means I can’t do any make up things and I don’t just want to sit down in my video and talk all day I like showing people what i’m doing on camera but for my blog this is my way of sitting down and talking but it won’t be boring because for some reason if you watch a YouTube video where they just sit and talk it feels like forever but on a blog you can read at your own speed and it won’t take as long, some people prefer reading a blog then watching a video and also when you see how long a video is you’ll just turn it off if it’s to long so if you do the same thing on a blog it won’t be so long and boring because everyone reads at a different speed and for some reason seeing that a video is like 10 minutes just makes you not want to watch it. My reason may be kind of strange to some people but I also love to write but when I try to write a book or something it just never works out but a blog is easier for me to write then a book so to me this blog is my book of fashion and beauty. So I hope you enjoy my blog and check back every Sunday for new posts toddles!

Where to find me?
YouTube weekly fashion/beauty videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPvSn5OQFYJ5U3vq5-vGNQ

Instagram Selfies, and OOTD’s : http://instagram.com/gjbz123

Twitter updates and life: https://twitter.com/gjbz1234

Facebook long updates and YouTube Videos:


Polyvore My fashion creations: Polyvore: http://gjbz.polyvore.com/?….

Pinterest Things I like that inspire me: http://www.pinterest.com/gjbz1234/

Yeah I love social media…. But doesn’t every girl my age?

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