16 Clothing Essentials You Should Have In Your Closet

Hello Loves,

This weeks blog post I’m going to be telling you some closet must haves. Everyone has those must have clothes that are so basic and not that expensive that you just need them so here is my list of closet much haves.

1: Denim Jeans: Okay everyone needs a pair of jeans they can be skinny, boot cut, boyfriend, just jeans are a necessity to any girls wardrobe they can be worn in SO many different ways and almost always look good they have a style for everyone.

2: Plain Black And White T-Shirts: What would we do without our plain T’S? They can worn as normal tops and accessorized to be fashionable, they can be worn as undershirts, or put a cut jacket over them and bam you’re glamorous (well you already are because everyone is glamorous)

3: Black Tights: I’m pretty sure there isn’t a person I haven’t met who doesn’t own or wear a pair of black tights I mean their wonderful how can you live without them? They looks so good with long shirts, or dresses, you can do yoga in them and even sleep in them it’s like wearing a blanket on your legs that’s how comfy they are.

4: Tank Tops And Camis: Okay I wear a tank top or cami almost everyday! Like you need to wear something under some those sheer shirts or if your shirt is to low you need to wear something.

5: A Button Down: You can wear button downs for fancy or casual occasions they’re great if you want to look more polished and put together I prefer the basic colors like black and white for this kind of top.

6: Plain Sneakers: You need a pair of plain sneakers such as converse because they’re not only comfy but their stylish too! Their always in style and make any causal outfit great.

7: A Fancy Dress: You never know when you’ll need a fancy dress but nothing too fancy like prom make sure it’s just something for like a fancy dinner or a party just basic but fancy

8: Plain Black Flats: Plain flats can be fancy, or casual it depends how you style them but they always look great and don’t hurt like heels do.

9: Patterned Scarf: I think everyone needs a patterned scarf for a POP to your outfit or just for a fun look it can me animal print, lace, dots, flowers, you chose.

10: A skater Skirt/Circle Skirt: This type of skirt is just so fun and playful you’ll never stop spinning! Theses are good if it’s a hot day and you don’t want to wear shorts or anything and they look great with crop tops.

11: Crop Tops: A crop top is such a wonderful top it is comfy, and cute, I love to wear them with high wasted pants/skirts because it looks so cute!

12: Cardigan: Cardigans are just so warm and comfy how can you not own one? You can have a knit cardigan or a normal one it doesn’t matter because they always look great especially the flowy ones,

13: Heels: Okay let me just say that heels are possibly one of the cutest things in the WORLD I mean you can wear them fancy or casual I love things like that because you can use them more often too bad they hurt your feet after awhile…

14: Denim Shorts: I don’t know what the world would be without our denim shorts I mean their so cute and comfy how can you not wear them? And their always in style like jeans.

15: Big Cute And Comfy Sweater: Okay we can all agree that big comfy sweaters are essentials because their just so warm and big it’s like wearing a blank that you never want to take off plus you can get the cutest pictures on them like cats, dogs, foxes, etc

16: Combat Boots: Combat boots are so cute and they can be warn edgy or girly also they sell a few different colors depending on how you want to style them.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts and I’ll see you Wednesday for another OOTD post. Toddles I love you ❤

xox Kaityln

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