10 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends 2014

Hello Loves,
This weeks blog post is about the trends for fall 2014 (this year) so let’s get into the trends!

1: Leather Jackets: Leather Jackets are almost always trending in the fall because of their edgy and fall like look.

2: Knits: Get all your knits out this season because knits are here! Knit anything is trending like Knit Scarves, Cardigans, Hats, etc.

3: Military Greens: Attention! Military greens and prints are trending,fashion soldiers! So steady up and march on to the mall for your military jackets and prints!

4: Black And White: Black and white are here for the fall and winter so go find something like zebra print, stripes, dots, or anything that’s black and white.

5: Ponchos: You may think they’re only for the rain but their not! These are stylish ponchos that hit the runway at fashion week!

6: Sixties Prints: That’s right we’re bringing the sixties back this season so stay bright and happy with your vintage bright look

7: Capes: Not super hero capes but fashion capes they were on the runway looking fabulous they can be plain or have prints you chose.

8: Velvet: Nice, soft, silky, velvet. How nice is that it keeps you warm and looks great!

9: Leopard Print: Okay almost everyone knows that leopard print is always trending but encase you didn’t know now you know to roar at the fashion that was on the runways.

10: Gold: Gold is always really pretty especially as an accent and this season it’s trendy you can have a shirt, skirt, dress, or jewelry if it’s gold it’s good.

That’s it for now I’ll see you in my next post I love you bye!

xox Kaityln

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