How To Stay Warm And Stylish For The Fall

Hello Loves!

This week I’m going to tell you some tips to stay warm and stylish for the fall time because you don’t want to look a layered blob walking down the street do you? No you want to look cute and fabulous so here are my tips!

Layers, Layers, Layers! Okay in order to stay warm you need layers, without layers you’ll be very cold and that’s not cute! So I recommend you get some light layers like: cardigans, long sleeved tops, and a vest. Things like that are cute, and keep you warm.

Hats And Headbands: Okay not like baseball caps or a normal headband, but stuff like beanies or knit Berets that are cute and warm at the same time also one of those knit headbands you can use instead of earmuffs because all of those are cute and trendy.

Tights: Now there are some really thing pairs of tights out there that may look cute but they are SO thing you freeze off your poor legs! I like to get fleece tights or knit tights for the cold weather you can find these at lots of stores when it starts to get cold out. And they also look super cute with skirts!

Jeans: Okay when it gets cold out I recommend Jeans, not jeggings but denim jeans! Jeggings are thing and won’t keep you warm but denim is thick and will keep you warmer also I like to wear tights/leggings under my jeans when it’s super cold out.

Socks And Skirts: Okay socks are just SO cute in the fall! Because you can wear knee high socks with buttons on the sides or pictures or even lace they’re just so trendy and cute! And on warm fall days you can wear a skater skirt with knee high socks and it’s such a cute match!

Shoes/Boots: Now it’s time for footwear, I personally LOVE to wear boots in the fall you like combat boots and UGGs. Because they’re on your legs keeping you warm, you won’t get leaves or anything in them, and they’re cute! But you also can wear running shoes and stuff. I just don’t recommend the boots and shoes that have the cut outs in them because their these cut outs in your shoes that stuff can get into and it’s just not cute.

Belts: And if your outfit is too bulky for your liking try putting a waist belt on your waist for some shape it looks very cute and put together like that. I personally love the braided belts because they can go as small or big as you want and it gives the outfit a very cute look.

Well that’s it for my tips I hope my tips help you with looking cute and staying warm. And I’ll see you Wednesday with my OOTD toddles love you bye!

xox Kaityln

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