My dream job, Fashion and Magazines?

Hello Loves,

Longtime no see right? I got busy because of the holidays, school, and just life. But don’t worry I’ll try to start posting weekly again. But remember i’m only a teenager, so I do have a life, and get busy from time to time. Now this blog post is gong to be about my future career, and how I hope to get there in life.

What is the career I want? Well I have two careers I want but they both connect, So I want to be a fashion designer and a fashion magazine editor. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer but magazine editor is new. One of my brother’s friends is a magazine editor and it inspired me because it sounds so fun and I’ve always wanted to write an article for a magazine, it’s so interesting and looks very fun to do. And with fashion design I love to draw and make up new outfits it’s just all so fascinating.

How do I plan to get these jobs and be famous? Well I might not be “famous” for what I do but I still hope to be like Coco Chanel “Okay i’ll never be that famous” Now I plan on getting found out through my blog and YouTube channel (gjbz123) Because I like helping people with their style, and what to wear, etc, etc. Or by being recommended by someone, and going to a good collage. I’ve been looking at collages since i was 11 so a few years. I’ve found some pretty good ones too, I just hope they’re still around when i’m older. I want to do really good with my school work and stuff, mostly Language and Math because for Language it’ll help with writing articles for magazines. And Math would help with measurements and stuff.

What kind of clothes do I want to design? Well I want to design many types of clothes, maybe something casual or a prom dress maybe even wedding gowns, just anything I think of and like maybe one year i’ll just have casual clothes and the next i’ll have fancy gowns, just whatever comes to mind.

What types of magazines would I like to work for? Any fashion magazine really, stuff like Vogue, Seventeen, or maybe i’ll start up my own fashion magazine because having my own magazine sounds much more fun but i’d have to be really good at my job for that, and maybe I could model my own fashion designs for my magazine? Okay i’m getting ahead of myself, I’d be happy to work with any fashion magazine I like, and i’ll just work really hard when i’m in Collage, get a good degree, maybe get on the dean’s list? You never know. But for now i’ll just try really good at school and have fun with what i’m doing until i’m older and need to have a job, for now I enjoy just drawing my designs, sewing stuff, making videos, and writing in my blog and I hope when I have a fashion line and magazine that you’ll read it and wear the clothes. I’ll see you in my next post or YouTube video love you.

xox Kaityln

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