What It’s Like Being A Teen Vegetarian

Hello Loves,

This weeks Healthy Wednesday post is: What It’s Like Being A Teen Vegetarian. As most of you know I am a teenager who’s a vegetarian, and I know some people wonder what it’s like to be a vegetarian, and how I eat at friends houses, what people think, and all that junk. So from a real teenager who’s a vegetarian I hope you enjoy this post of why, and how i’m a vegetarian, enjoy.

Why am I a vegetarian? Well I’m a vegetarian for two reasons. Reason 1 being: It grosses me out to know that i’m eating an animal or a living creature and at the grocery stores you can see all that nasty stuff on the package and it’s very disturbing to me.
Reason 2: I feel bad eating something that was once alive, like, what if it was a human I was eating? I’d be the same, it’s alive, has emotions, a family, and it’s just plain wrong! I don’t like the idea of anyone eating anyone, I feel bad for the animal and plus it’s too cute to eat!

At a friends house: Okay I eat at my friends’ houses a lot like in the summer it was almost every day, and now it’s like every few weeks. But being like the only vegetarian of my group of friends what do I eat at their house? Well first if they ask me: Wanna stay for dinner? I’d say “Yeah sure” or something like that. Then tell the parent that’s making the food “Usually the mom” So i’d tell her that i’m a vegetarian and my friends parents are all really nice so they make me a separate plate of food most the time depending on what they’re making, so when they make stews that have meat we just take the meat out, or spaghetti they give it to me with no sauce, and meatballs. It’s really nice.

What do people say? Okay depending on the person they all say different things. Some say: Oh that’s so cool, but i’d never be able to do that. Others say: Oh yeah i’m a vegetarian well one who eats chicken, pepperoni, turkey, etc (those get on my nerves!) and other people also say: That is amazing you make me want to be one. And they also say: That’s silly why would you want to not eat meat like you’ll die of no protein and it just tastes sooooo good oh and bacon you eat that right because you’ll die without it (yes someone has actually said all of these….Well I might have exaggerated a bit….) But the people who are annoying about it (cough cough bacon person!) I just don’t bother with them like it’s just food and our own opinions, if you don’t like it fine, i’m happy with it, that’s what matters.

What do I eat at home if my family all eat meat and I don’t? Well I cook my own meals at home because like everyone eats meat everyday, so I just cook my own recipes, and it’s lots of fun! I get to learn new things, try new foods, and it helps for when I live on my own, and need to cook my own meals! So it’s really use full. But sometimes I do have to cook with meat for other people in the family because i’m the family “chef” It doesn’t bother me “that” much to cook meat for people, but I don’t like doing it and I only do it to help out but i’d never do it unless I was asked by someone that’s old like my grandma, and I hate the smell of meat too, it makes me feel sick most of the time….

What does my family think? Well most of my family doesn’t mind at all. But one of my older brothers hates it, He is always eating meat (I think that’s all he eats really, a day never goes by with him not eating it!) I just ignore him, but it is very annoying he says things like “You won’t get any protein and you’ll die. “Plants are alive too they scream when you pull the out of the ground and they miss their families. “You’ll die because you have no meat on your bones. “I feel bad for vegetarians because they have no time to live a healthy life and they suffer everyday without meat.” Yeah I just ignore him and do my own thing everyone else in the family is cool with it so yeah.

Well I guess that’s it for this weeks post on Healthy Wednesdays, I’ll see you again on Fashion Sundays, also check back weekly for healthy posts on Wednesdays, and fashion, and beauty posts on Sundays. Love You. Oh and happy new year loves ❤

xox Kaityln

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