My Shopping Tips

Hello Loves,

Welcome back to another Fashion Sunday. This week i’ll be telling you my shopping tips, so if you have a shopping “Problem” and buy something you only wear once, or get jeans in your size but they don’t fit when you wash them, or do your friends pressure you to buy an outfit? Maybe your new shoes don’t fit? Well keep reading to fix those problems.

Think before you buy: Now I know that feeling when you walk into a store and just stock up on everything you see, and you just buy so much clothes it’s amazing! But you need to think about what you’re buying. Ask yourself stuff like: Do you really need that top? What would you wear it with? Would it last long? How much does it coast? Just ask yourself these questions and think about what you’re buying.

Set a budget and pay with cash: This is probably the most helpful tip of all, and that is set a budget and only pay with cash, not a credit card or anything. Having a budget is very useful because you’ll only buy what you came for, nothing extra you don’t need. And using cash gives you limited money, so you won’t have to worry about owing money. And make sure you always have gift cards and coupons with you whenever you go shopping, that way you save money.

Do your friends pressure you to buy an outfit? So you and your friends went shopping together and they give you an outfit to try on, then this starts to happen. One friend will say you look great, then the other will say it belongs on you, it’s an expensive outfit and they keep saying: You need that dress! It belongs on you, It was meant to be in your closet, it’s calling your name, etc, etc. So you give in and end up buying that dress you get home and you realize you’ll never wear it, it’s not really you, and you just wasted money on something you won’t wear. When this happens if you’re shopping with friends you think again, do you need this? Will you wear it? etc, etc. And when they keep telling you that you need it just say: I don’t want to spend that much money, it’s not really me or my style, maybe when it goes on sale, or whatever your opinion is. They’re your friends they’ll understand and won’t mind that much and if they do don’t buy the dress because they want you too buy it only if you really need it or want it badly.

Tips for buying jeans: So you got a new pair of jeans, and they fit perfectly at the store. But you forgot clothes shrink in the laundry, well fear no more because these tips will help you with buying jeans. First things take your time when looking for the perfect pair of jeans because jeans are your best friend. Make sure you take more then one pair into the dressing room all different sizes When you try them on make sure they don’t fall down, feel too tight, or show your butt. Well you’re in the dressing room trying on your jeans walk around a bit, bend your legs, and just make sure they fit to your liking, and lastly buy one size bigger because jeans do shrink in laundry I know from experience.

Buying shoes: Now it’s time to go shoe shopping, you don’t want your shoes to be to big or small they need to be the perfect fit, and be good quality plus they need to look fab-u-lous. So first find your size, say you’re size 6 go to the isle with the shoes in that size. Now look for something cute and stylish. Once you’ve done that (if they’re boots) Check the weather rating if it doesn’t have one don’t buy that pair because you need to have warm feet in the winter! Also look at the quality make sure it’ll last a long time, it can’t feel too thin or weak. Now put the shoe on and see if you have room to move your toes around and make sure you can fit your thumb in the back of the shoe without a struggle. You want a nice snug fit nothing tight or lose. Also if you’re buying boots try them on with thicker socks because in the winter i’m sure you’ll be wearing heavy socks for warmer feet.

Only buy what you need: I know I keep saying think before you buy and you really need too! You should only buy what you need, you don’t need a full outfit that doesn’t go with anything but those certain pieces, buy things you can mix and match that’ll last awhile and you’ll always love and wear. You never want to spend lots on something you’ll never wear again, save your money and spend responsibly if you’ve wanted it for a really longtime and will wear it all the time get it. I’ve you’ve wanted it for a longtime but it won’t go with anything ditch it they’re much more clothes out there.

Well those are all my shopping tips and I hope you save your money and buy something cute that you need and will last. I hope you enjoyed this weeks post i’ll see you on Healthy Wednesday and again on Fashion Sunday love you.

xox Kaityln

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