How to Stay Cool and Look Fabulous

Hello Loves,

Welcome back to another fabulous post. Today I’m going to be giving you guys some tips for staying fabulous in the hot summer weather so get your shopping bags out and let’s start!
1: Keep Your Clothes Lose Now you don’t want your clothes sticking to you and getting sweat stains all over now do you? Of course not! Wear lose flowy tops, dresses, skirts, etc to stay cute and cool.
2: Brighter Colors Yes happy brighter summer colors will keep you cooler. The sun is attracted to dark colors so if you’re wearing black or dark blue go for light blue or bright colors so the sun stays away
3: Let Your Hair Naturally Dry Put away your hair dryer for summer because it’ll A: Make you hotter and B: Kill your hair. Yes hair dryers are damaging to your hair it’s heat, anything hot you use to style your hair is bad enough especially in summer. So to stay cool don’t use heat to dry your hair use the sun to dry it and keep it natural
4: Drink LOTS Of Water Not only is water hydrating which is the most important thing. It also cools you down so put in some ice cubes and enjoy your water.
5: Wear Less Make Up I know you love make up and it makes you feel good but don’t wear it a lot for summer because the heat can make you sweat which means you’ll have raccoon eyes. Yes you can use water proof make up, but let your face and skin breath so the make up won’t sweat into your skin.
6: Fabrics Okay you don’t want to be wearing anything heavy like wool so wear stuff  like rayon or cotton
7: Put your hair up Keeping your long hot sweaty hair out of your way is not only nice but also cooling for your neck so keep your hair in a high pony or bun to stay cool and stylish 
8: Staying Clean Keep your skin clean and washed, always re apply deodorant, shave, etc. Staying clean will keep you cooler and also more positive
9: Less Jewelry Don’t wear a lot of jewelry because it’s metal which can get really hot and stick to you it;ll burn and it’s just not good keep it light with maybe one necklace or a beaded bracelet.
10: Sandals Wear sandals so your feet can breath any kind of flat or open toe shoe will keep it so your feet can breath.
I hope my fabulous tips help you stay cool and fabulous make sure you have your hand held fans out and stay fabulous my loves ❤
xox Kaitlyn


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