Summer Beauty Essentials

Hello Lovlies,

Today, I’m going to be giving you guys some summer beauty essentials I feel that everyone needs to stay fabulous this summer so read on.

Sunscreen/Lotion: Okay, it’s summer now ladies, the sun is out with it’s powerful UV Rays, and that can give you sunburn or worse, skin cancer. So, stay safe by wearing sunscreen with the minimum of SPF 30 it’s your best bet. And to keep your skin soft from all that swimming in the pool, or at the beach which will dry it out, get a good lotion or get moistening sunscreen.

Light or Pink Lipstick: This is one of my fav trends for summer it’s a light lip. I like going for a light pink or coral it’s so cute and flirty.

Deodorant: In the summer it’s hot, and you’ll sweat, a lot.. So, use a nice strong deodorant to keep off those sweat stains, and smell good.

Body Spray/Perfume: Now it’s time to get out your fruity perfumes and smell like summer! It’s just so summery and cute to smell nice especially for the hot life guards.

Blush: It’s time to get flirty with some blush, use a light red or pink for a natural glow.

Sea Salt Spray: You’ve probably heard of this unless you’re living under a rock, But, sea salt spray is so popular for summer! It gives you that beachy wave everyone just adores, plus it’s easy and works in seconds, it’s like a summer must have so go out and get (I don’t have any but I need it! for now I use hair moose it works pretty well)

Acne Wipes: Okay, the sun is guaranteed to give you oily skin so get acne whips (I like Oxy) and use them everyday morning and night to keep your skin fresh and prevent acne.

Wet Wipes: Yes, wet naps as well will keep your skin oil free and clean all summer long.

Water Proof Mascara: So, if you wear mascara please, please, get water proof so you don’t look like a raccoon when you sweat or swim. Or just go natural and don’t wear any, but seriously wear water proof if you must wear it.

Cute Swimsuit: Get a summer cute swim suite for summer because you want to look ah-mazing when you swim or tan one pieces are pretty big this year so invest on a good one.

Suntan Lotion: If you’re trying to get the perfect tan this year than get some lotion and hit the sun, but don’t tan too long or you’ll sweat or get burned and that’s not hot.

Sunnies: Everyone needs the perfect pair of sunglasses for summer because they’re f,a.b.u.l.o.u.s you want to have the perfect diva shades that you can rock with any outfit or swimsuit.

Bright and Light Nail Polish: You want your nails to POP this summer right? Um, Yeah! So, get a cute bright nail polish, or paint all your nails a light color, with the ring finger a bright color for nice POP of color.

Cute Sun Hat: Yes, you need a cute sun hat to keep the sun off your beautiful face and eyes also it gives you that fashion diva look most people are going for.

That’s it for now my loves, if you want any product recommendations for this summer just ask and I’ll reply ASAP because I’m always here to help with fashion/beauty love ya.

xox Kaitlyn 


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