July Favorites 2015

Heeey Lovelies!

It’s your girl Kaityln here. And i’m starting something new on my blog here and it’s, Monthly Favorites. So let me tell you how it works, at the start of every month i’ll post a list of my favorite products or clothes from the previous month that I was in La La Love with, so here we go.

1: Sephora Collection Color Lip Last bubblegum pink

OMG This lipstick was my dream lipstick, and when I got it I was THE happiest person ever! It’s the perfect Barbie pink every girl needs, and it lasts like all day, it’s just so cute!

2: Bethany Mota Fragrance

I simply ah-dore this perfume okay. So first it’s not like super strong which is good because I don’t want to suffocate with smell, and the fact that my sister is allergic to perfume, but it doesn’t bother her really. It smells sweet, and flirty in my opinion. This is by far the best perfume I’ve ever owned it became my signature sent!

3: Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss Pretty In Hibiscus

Now, I always need a lip gloss handy because well obvi everyone needs one. Essence has my favorite types of lip gloss. They’re very shiny, smell good, and they’re not really sticky, also they usually have glitter in them.

4: Hoop Earrings

I don’t care what style or hoop it is, if it’s a hoop earring I love it! I wore gold, silver, diamond, just any kind I love them, they look good with almost every outfit, and make it more stylish.

5: Pure Ice Peony Nail Polish

This nail polish is my fave! I’ve had it for a year now, and I’m in love with it. Seriously, when I first got it, it was love at first sight. It’s bright, cute, girly, and simply fabulous. It’s also a nice, smooth formula, it just glides on. But I do need to apply two coats of it so it’s opaque.

6: Big Diva Sunglasses

What’s a fashionista without her sunglasses? Nothing, of course. Now my sunnies aren’t hearts like these (but these are pretty cute) I have tortoise shell print like in the picture, mine are more circular and ah-dorable

7: St Ives Face Scrub

This face scrub is so ah-mazing! It’s an exfoliating wash and it leaves my face feeling super soft, and smooth. Then I moisturizer it with the St Ives Body Lotion Oatmeal and Shea Butter it’s so soft, and nice.

8: Silver Purse

Okay, I now believe that a silver purse is a MUST, because it matches with everything, it’s glamorous, and just so eye catching.

9: Mini Hair Brush

A mini hair brush. How many times have I used it so far? A lot. It’s just so handy for when you’re out and the wind blows, your hair gets messy and you just fix it. Or, if your hair gets wet a bit and tangles you can brush it out.

10: Loose/Flowy Shirts

Loose/Flowy Shirts are just so refreshing for summer. It’s not against your skin, and it’s breezy, plus it look fabulous.

Those where my July favorites of 2015. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you again on Tuesday for my next post. Check back every Tuesday and Thursday for new posts, and every month for my favorites of the previous month, Love You.

xox Kaityln

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