Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Heey Lovelies,

This week i’m talking about trends, not just normal trends but Fall Fashion Trends for 2015! Yes it’s finally that time of year, my favorite time actually, fall clothes shopping! And what better way to do it then by knowing the trends before you go out and shop till you drop.

Skirts are just so fabulous in the wind! They blow, they twirl, they almost always look good. And if it’s cold outside just put a cute pair of tights underneath ta-da instant glam! Now walk the world like it’s your runway!

Crop Tops
I’ve seen lots of crop tops lately. Usually worn with high waisted shorts, it’s pretty big from what I’ve seen, plus they look ah-dorable you can find some really cute ones at Garage.

I’ve seen leather in all the magazines, blogs, stores, it’s everywhere! So it’s so in, and you can never go wrong with leather,

High Waisted Shorts/Pants/Skirts
Okay everyone has probably seen these at least once this year right? Yes i’m sure. Anyway they’re very popular and trendy so I think you should get a pair and rock it your way.

Off The Shoulder Tops
Yes! Off the shoulder is my thing, it’s always been my thing and now it’s trending this fall (yay) I adore the way it looks and makes me feel it looks fabulous and it lets people know that you mean fashion to me it’s a big statement.

We all know plaid is in like every fall season it’s just a must enough said Hun.

Now for some honorable mentions: Fur, Booties, Army Green Jackets, Scarves, Lace, Pony Tails. Red Lips, Dark Lips, Tights,

Thanks for reading this weeks fabulous post come back again on Thursday for my next one then again on Tuesday just visit my blog on T days really.

OH I also entered a baby lips contest video thing so I can win a lip gloss please vote for me my username on it is  Fashionista16 i’d mean a lot if you voted http://www.maybelline.ca/babylipsync.aspx

xox Kaityln


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