Fall Beauty Trends 2015

Hello Lovelies,

This week i’m going to be telling you about my favorite fall beauty trends for 2015. Fall is just my favorite time of the year because it’s cooler out, the colors are so inspiring, the fashions are to die for, and the makeup looks are ah-mazing! So I did my research this season, and picked out my favorite fall beauty trends of this year. Also, be sure to check out my fall fashion trends, about two posts ago, so you can really keep up with the latest. This post is a collab with http://xoxoflaws.blogspot.ca/ her post will be up on Wednesday so be sure to check it out.

Red Lipstick: You probably know this one by know because red lips are just so Taylor Swift and fabulous, everyone’s been wearing them, and they’re just plain adorable, bold, and a great statement!

Peach And Rose Blushes: These are just so cutesy and flattering for the fall. Nice warm tones to make that lipstick not so intense.

Bronze Eye Shadows:  This eye shadow color is so cute for fall! Bronze, Orange, Golds, Grey;s are just so in for this fall season and look really nice.

Light/Smudged Eyeliner: Yes I said smudged. On the runways the models were wearing a slightly smudged light eyeliner look and it was actually pretty cute I must say so myself.

Dark Plum/Black Lip: Almost every fall plum lips are in but this fall black is also in! Now don’t over so the black lip because it;s very strong wear natural makeup with it or thicker eyeliner but keep it pretty simple same for the plum.

Wine Red Nails: I always wear wine red and plum nails for fall because it just feels right, they’re fall colors, they look good with the outfits you wear, and it’s just plain fabulous.

Those were my favorite fall beauty trends of 2015 I hope you guys get inspired and remember don’t just follow trends make them into you and your style they’re just guidelines, Love you,

Xox Kaityln

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