5 Things Every Fashionista Needs

Hello Lovelies,

This week I’m going to be giving you a list of things every fashionista needs. So I hope you enjoy my list and be sure to check back for new posts every Tuesday and Thursday.

Big Sunglasses

Okay, so you’ve probably seen those fashion diva’s out there, and they’re almost always wearing big sunglasses, why you may ask? Well, they make you look more stylish, and in charge, which is what fashion is about being big and stylish. Sunglasses are a great statement and if you have big ones on you’ll turn heads with your fabulous outfit and sunnies.

High Heels

Of course high heels! Just look at them, tall, thin, stylish, bold, what a statement! And when you walk people will hear that your coming, it’s a great way to get people to look at you, plus you’ll be taller and feel more powerful, and have confidence. Just remember Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is the runway -Coco Chanel


What’s a fashionista without her handbag? Nothing really! You need your “room in a bag” It’s so handy, and when you wear it on your wrist strutting down town, or the mall, or anywhere for that matter, you look SO fabulous, and if you have a designer bag it’s just screaming fashionista!


Fashion all about being Bold and expressing yourself, what better way then to make the statement your lips. You could go all Taylor Swift Red, or Barbie Pink, maybe even Kylie Jenner Peachy Pink. The possibles are almost endless when it comes to lip colors there’s one color for everyone find yours and work it.


Okay, it doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry, but any kind of nice looking jewelry like a small heart necklace, a ring, bracelet, earrings. Jewelry it’s such a statement, it stands out, and makes the outfit! I can’t wear any outfit without a necklace or bracelet. And it doesn’t matter how much it coast because it’s the way you wear it not the amount it coasts.

That’s it for this week, check back again on Tuesday for my next post then again on Thursday. Also I made an instagram for this blog where I’ll post ootd’s, inspiring things, updates, polyvore creations, and anything fabulous so check it out @kaitylnm

xox Kaityln


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