Trends That Need To Stop!

Hello Lovelies,

This week i’m going to be telling you some fashion trends that I think need to stop because they don’t look good on like anyone. I know some of you can pull these trends off, but most people can’t only models can, and some of them just look so dorky and hurt to wear. This is all my personal opinion so not hate please. Let me know what you think do you like these or do you hate them too comment so I can know. Now let’s get into the post.

Mega High Heels: Not like the stranded 3-6 inch but like those crazy 10 inch heels you see on runways sometimes. I don’t get how someone can move or stand in them! Plus, your feet would be in such pain! Praise Lady Gaga when she wears them for all that pain she probably goes through wearing her crazy outfits, well at lest that’s one person who can pull this look off.

Low Rise Pants: Okay, first let me say EW how gross! Why would you want pants so low people can see your undergarments? It’s just plain wrong! No one needs to see what your underwear looks like, and it just makes you look sloppy, and not together, or trendy at all! I love fashion yes, but this is not even a trend… To me it’s just ughh. (I’m noting using a picture of low rise for my photo because that would be gross) Just wear your pants like a normal person please.

Short Shorts With Pockets Sticking Out: Okay I’m not a fan of short shorts they’re too “showy” And whenever I see the pockets sticking out it drives me crazy! Like it’s worse then a fashion don’t, fashion don’t even think about it! (I wonder if you got that joke there) Like I know it’s a trend but I really hate it, it needs to stop because I think most people who wear them look kinda dorky sorry ladies but wear your shorts a little longer and don’t let your butt show through the shortness.

High Heeled Sneakers: Okay, some of these look nice but lots look really tacky! Like something you would wear as a costume dressed as a superhero it’s that bad. I don’t have much to say about these other then the fact they’re pretty tacky see for yourself maybe you like them but me personally I hate them. But I do think sneaker wedges look decent.

Knee Shorts: Maybe I just hate shorts? I don’t know. But I do not like knee length shorts at all! Why? I don’t know they’re just not appealing to me they hurt my eyes and they’re uncomfortable. I don’t even know why I hate them to be honest I just hate looking at them.

Sheer Clothing With Nothing Underneath: Yeah this is easily something I dislike. It’s just so gross! Why would you want to wear something so sheer with nothing under it? It’s just like a clear layer of skin on top you can still see all the junk under that top or skirt. Or when they just have a bra underneath it still looks dorky and hooker like.

That’s all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and didn’t cringe like I did as I wrote it because seeing all these “trends” in one place hurts my eyes. Comment below what you think of these trends do you like them? Or hate them? I’d love to know.

xox Kaityln


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