VMAs Best Dressed 2015

Hello Lovelies!

This week I’m going to be telling you about the VMAs best dressed this all my opinion some of you may not agree with me and others might agree but these are just the celebs that were the most fashion forward, stylish, and stunning, outfits at the VMAs. So without further ado here are my top 10 Best Dressed.

Vanessa Hudgens
I think Vanessa rocked the VMAs in this stunning dress! It’s so elegant and beautiful. The colors really complimented her hair, and skin tone. The jewelry choice was fabulous, she just looked so pretty, I love Vanessa’s outfit, it also was a good bit of color seeing how lots of the people there wore dark colors. It might be my favorite outfit from the VMAs.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy’s outfit was so stunning! With the fringe and the shine, it was truly meant for this occasion, it’s just such a unique and pretty dress.

Melissa Rivers
This is quite the unique dress I must say. With the sequin top and that nice pattern for the bottom oh and that belt is very cute too. This dress needs no jewelry because it is jewelry with it;s shine and it’s very glamorous.

Tori Kelly
Now what I like about this outfit is the fact that it’s not a dress or skirt she’s just rocking some shorts and a long sleeved top. It’s so fashion forward, like a mix of fancy and street style. I’m not a fan of the pattern of the shorts or the type of top but together she really made it work and i’m surprised because I usually hate things like that. But Tori Kelly must be a fashion genius for making my two least favorite trends into such a fancy outfit you go girl!

Martha Hunt
Martha Hunt is wearing this black sequin cocktail dress it’s not a long gown like most wear but it really suites her. It’s very fancy and party like but as most of the girls she makes it work. Now those sleeves are what makes this is unique dress look at them, sheer, a bit of glam on them, and really make this dress good. without those sleeves it would be a fan of this dress bur hey i’m a fashion critic anyway so it;s hard to get my approval on things. Maybe she could’ve worn better shoes though? The sandals look a little weird.

Selena Gomez
Now her dress is very simple but she looks really pretty in simple. It helps us recover from the crazy that was Mylie Cyrus’s outfit and Mylie was the host this year you’d think she’d wear more clothes than whatever it was she had on… But this is about Selena now. Her outfit is very simple yet flattering. The zipper in front is new I’ve never seen something like it before. And it’s pretty cute how the dress flared out at the bottem to show off her chunky heels which are in this season.

Emily Ratajkowski
I like the pattern of this dress. It reminds me of scales or chains it looks so cool! I’ve never seen something like this ether. It’s very eye catching and you can tell she’s at the VMAs with a dress like that.

Bella Thorne
A little simple, but with the cut outs it does make it something. She has a big slit at the side of the dress to show more skin and her shoes were very pretty. I think she could’ve done better but it’s her outfit, and she looked nice ether way.

Rebel Wilson
This dress again it looks simple at first glance but exam it and see the geometric pattern it has? And it’s little bit’s of pink. I like that pop of color because again everyone just wore black and white we need more color in here. Rebel really looked pretty. Simple yet fabulous!

Hailee Steinfeld
Now this outfit yes it’s fashion forward but it’s too simple for my liking. Yes it’s in my top ten but that’s because the other outfits were too showy and not the kinda stuff I like. But this outfit is very simple like very Simple. It’s an all white jumpsuit with a white poncho type thing on top. I like the bottom how it flares out and the shoes are cute. But what’s with the choker? It’s too big and looks tacky to me. She could’ve worn a nice necklace or something but that? No way girl friend.

Those were my top 10 best dressed for the VMAs 2015. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got some style inspiration. Let me know what your favorite outfits were in the comments. As always I love you guys and check back every Tuesday and Thursday for new posts. Oh and Happy September 1st!

xox Kaitlyn

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