My August Favorites 2015

Hello Lovelies,

This week I’m going to be doing my August Favorites so I hope you enjoy.

Curling Wand
Okay I know curling your hair everyday is really, really bad! But I hate my naturally straight hair and love the way it looks all curly it’s bouncy, voluminous, and looks fab.

Tresemme Heat Protection
To go with my curling wand I use a heat protection not just anyone, the Tresemme Platinum Heat Protection. Tresemme is my favorite brand for hair products it’s the only product i’ll let my hair use because it feels right and makes my hair so soft.

Okay I L-O-V-E Boots! They’re my favorite kind of shoe and I don’t even know why I love them so much, maybe it;s the way they look because they’re taller and have cute designs they’re just so cute!

Double Necklaces
These just look so cute! Having one like a choker and one longer looks so nice and very pretty also eye catching for some people.

Pink Eyeshadow/makeup
Now this trend is actually in for fall nice rosey pinks. I just love the way this looks it’s so pretty and faltering

That’s it for my favorites! Sorry about posting late, I’m packing for a 4 day trip so I wasn’t planing my posts out “Whoops! But I’ll post again on Tuesday as ushal hopefully at the same time I normally do which is about 8:30ish in the morning so check back every Tuesday and Thursday for a new post love you see you Tuesday!

xox Kaityln


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