How to Stay Warm and Stylish in the Fall

Hello Lovlies!

This week i’m going to be telling you how to stay warm and stylish in the Fall. Now Fall is my fave season, the weather is so nice, crisp, and it’s so pretty. The fashion is always so cute and always pleases me. Also my blog is now an official blog as you can see it’s .com and not blogspot it’s my own blog now (yay)

1. Layer Up: Now when you layer use thin layers so you can easily take stuff off when it gets hotter but also staying warm and keep it cute. e.g When you wear tights put tall socks over them, and pair of warm boots or shoes. Wearing a shirt? put a cardigan over or a jacket. Wearing jeans and it’s freezing out? Put tights on underneath.

2. Shape: Now when you have all those layers you don’t want to look like a big pile of clothing. “Not Cute!” You want to keep shape and definition to your body. So wear things not to lose, but well fitting to your body. If you’re wearing a big sweater wear some skinny jeans with it, a flowy dress and a jacket add a waist belt.

3. Boots: Boots are much warmer than shoes. Boots usually have warm lining in them to keep you warm and have a snug fit. I prefer knee high skinny boots. Because A: They’re tighter which keeps in heat so your feet will be warm.(which is like the most impotent thing to keep warm!) B: They’re more flatting on me and make me look taller (I’m 4’11 so i’m very short) I also wear mine with a 1/2 -2 inch tick heel so I do look taller.

4. Beanies/berets: Okay you need to keep your head warm (I hate hats and stuff on my head) but you need to do it. I recommend getting a cute beanie or beret depending on the outfit. Generally you’d wear a beanie for a tough grunge kinda look, and a beret for something classy and put together or wear whatever you want for a comfy chic kinda look.

5. Scarves: OMG I adore scarves SO much!!! They’re so cute and you can wear them in so many different ways. You can have wrap around, infinity, neck, it’s just so cute! Infinity scarves are warmer because they double up and if you get a knit one you’ll fell like you’re in your bed wrapped in blankets they’re so comfy.

Those are all my tips for staying warm in the fall these also go for winter if it’s winter where you are. I hope you enjoyed my tips and stay warm, also if you want to know the trends for Fall go to my other blog post: or the beauty tips:

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xoxo Kaitlyn


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