5 Ways To Celebrate World Vegetarian Day!

Hello Lovelies,
Today is World Vegetarian Day! Which is a very important day to many vegetarians around the world it’s every Oct 1st and was founded by some dude I don’t know anything about… Anyway here are some ways you can help celebrate today (which some of you people won’t do but hey it’s still cool and gives you nice ideas)

1: Go Vegetarian for the day or month
Yup as simple as that. Don’t eat meat (or if you want to be strict no cheese/dairy/eggs) for the day or month and see how you like it. Maybe you’ll wanna go veggie forever.

2: Have a dinner/BBQ
Show off your cooking skills and make a full course meal for your friends. Or have a BBQ there are so many vegetarian recipes that taste wonderful and look good too.

3: Volunteer at an animal shelter/hospital
So if you’re vegetarian for animals then Volunteer at an animal shelter or animal hospital you get to help the animals find homes or help them out and plus keep them entertained and happy maybe you’ll adopt one?

4: Cook lots of meals
Have fun and cook lots of meal host a cooking party, give food to people who don’t have any, have a good time and be veggie.

5: Learn about vegetarianism
There are many websites for vegetarians/vegans this the official world vegetarian day website http://www.worldvegetarianday.org/ just google and see what comes up.

How am I celebrating it today? 
Good question! Well as I’m only a 14 girl I don;t do much. But I am going to cook some curry lentil rice (recipe is on my blog) play with my dog and look for more recipes I guess. As today is Thursday I’m busy with writing my blog post, and cheer practice so I can’t do much.

And that’s all I have for today’s post! How are you going to celebrate today? Are you going to? It’s all up to you. Have a fabulous week and i’ll see you Tuesday for a makeup review love you!

*New posts every Tuesday and Thursday

Xoxo Kaitlyn

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