Paris Fashion Week: My Top 6

Hello Lovelies!

This week Paris Fashion Week happened (YASSS) Paris is the city of love aka Fashion! So it’s perfect for fashion week. The models and outfits looked fab for the Spring 2016 collections and I decided to show you my top 6 favorite looks from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Show! See it’s top 6 for 2016 Enjoy!

Designer: Louis Vuitton
Model: Fernanda Hin Lin Ly
This outfit is SO cute! Not to mention how adorbs Fernanda’s Hair is A+ Girl! This outfit is all tough but still has a cutesy Girl flair to it. “So Fetch”

Desiger: Valentino
Model: Julia Nobis (Viva)
A simple look by Valentino all black but it’s the vest I’m loving here! Look at it so trendy with the fringe at the end (can never go wrong with fringe) and the cool beading on the shoulders truly fabulous!

Desiger: Chanel
Model: Eva Berzina (Women)
Chanel This, Chanel That! Yet again a girly but tough look. I’m feeling a pattern here right? A basic black top with a waist belt alongside a long skirt that matches the neck piece. I think Eva here is a perfect model for this look.

Desiger: Moncler Gamme Rouge
Okay this look is just SO cute I need it! Like look at the all white dress with the cool top under it showing off this cute glitz and glam look it;s so fab.

Desiger: Zadig & Voltaire
Oh My Gosh! I think I’m in love with this designer!!! I’ve actually never heard of them but it’s so me this season. They have the whole Western Style Trend which is pretty big I must say and I just love the whole Western thing Fringe, Dresses, Frilly, Jackets, Boots!

Desiger: Zadig & Voltaire
Okay I had to add another one by Zadig & Voltarie in this post because serisoly my favorite looks so far! I like the Military style to this one (Military is almost always in) Of course it’s a girly cute style of Military not all one color and no real army stuff just a jacket that resembles it worn with cutesy skirts and dresses.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fab collection with my favorite looks of the season! You should totally check out fashion week I’d love to know what your favorite looks are too! Enjoy loves.

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xoxo Kaitlyn

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