How To Find Your True Fashion Style

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry I didn’t post last week it was Thanksgiving and I was working on re doing my bedroom. Anyway this week I’m going to be helping you find your True Fashion Style! So keep reading and find your true fashionista with these tips.

Celebrity Fashion Inspiration: Okay this is one of the easiest ways to find your style. Just start googling your favorite celebs and looking at their outfits. Than ask yourself: Do I like these? Would I look good in this? Is this me? Does it fit my personality? If you said yes girl you found your style.

Magazines: I just love magazines! They have so much fashion and beauty in them. And you don’t have to look at the fashion pages to find your fashion it could be in an add or on the front cover maybe it is in the fashion section who knows just flip threw them you’re sure to find an outfit you like.

Make An Inspiration Bored: This goes with the magazines and google. You’re going to cut out the outfits you like or print them out and pin them to some cork bored or put them in a scrapbook than when you need inspiration just look at those.

The Mall: The Mall is a great place to look for style! Go to all the stores and look at whats on the mannequins or see whats on the shelves you can even ask an employ for some help. Than you can put together outfits in the change rooms and take pictures of the outfit and next time you go shopping you have some outfits to buy.

Blogs/YouTube: Alrighty Now you’re going to go on YouTube and search for something like: Spring Lookbook, Summer Lookbook, etc. Or find blogs related to fashion *Cough* Cough* HighHeelsnHighFashion *Cough* or go to the website lookbook and see what people are wearing.

Pinterest: Omg pinterest has so many options and like everything! It’s an online bored and you just find pictures and pin them into sections like: Fashion, Beauty, Rooms. etc. It’s so addicting too! You can follow me on it @ KaitylnM

I hope I helped you find your fashion style and remember to keep experimenting everyone does it and you’re sure to find it soon! Just keep your eyes open and maybe you won’t just find clothing you like make you’ll want to try out new makeup looks or dye your hair don’t be scared it’s all fun and you’re sure to rock any look that comes your way!

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Xoxo Kaitlyn

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