My Fashion Sketches

Hello Loves,

*Sorry for not posting this week! To make up for that I’m posting today and I’ll get back on schedule on Tuesday!

This week I decided I wanted to show you guys my fashion sketches. Yes I have sketches, and yes I’m showing them to you. Why you may ask? Because I really want to be a fashion designer and I’d love to share it with you guys every step of the way. I spent hours drawing and designing these next step is to make them real but for now just sketches. Enjoy.

This outfit is a great way to stay warm, and fabulous on a cold fall day. Simple, yet glam.

This outfit is so on trend for fall! My model is wearing an army green jacket but keeping it warm and stylish with a knit swear and scarf.

On a warm fall day bring out your skater skirts and knee socks for that fall fashion flare!

Lazy fall day? No worries a chunky sweater, sweet up do, and long necklace are a girls best friend.

I hope you guys enjoyed my sketches! I really want to be a teen fashion designer than when I’m an adult work with magazines and continue my fashion line. I also added my name on these sketches so no one takes credit for my hours of work, I actually entered these sketches in a fashion designer contest so if you could vote for me that would be pretty cool, and I’d love if you guys entered and showed your work! As always I love you guys and *New posts every Tuesday and Thursday!

Click to vote and enter the: Fashion Design Contest

xoxo Kaitlyn

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