10 Fabulous Facts About Me!

Hello Loves!

Sorry for not posting on Thursday I’m running out of ideas! So if you could request some in the comments or email me or something that would be great because it’s hard to write twice a week when you can’t think of anything to write. Anyway I decided you guys should get to know me better because i’ve been blogging for a year now I think, so here are 10 facts you might not know about me and some you might already know enjoy!

1: My two favorite teen fashion icons are: Bethany Mota and Cecilia Cassini

2: I can sew my own outfits

3: My hair has been dyed: Pink, Purple, Blue, Blonde, Dark Brown, faded to light brown, Pink and Blue, High lighted, and brown with a greenish tint.

4: I’m the girlyist girl in my family

5: I’m lactose intolerance but I eat ice cream anyway

6: It’s my life long dream to go to NY Fashion Week

7: Sephora is my favorite place to buy makeup! They’re lipstick is the BEST

8: I don’t have only one fashion style, sometimes I like to wear a Japanese fashion style called Sweet Lolita. It makes me feel so cute and girly or doll like it’s adorable!

9: I really want to be a teen fashion designer! But have no clue how to start it

10: I Adore My Little Pony so so so so much! It’s just so cute and fun to watch when I’m bored!!!

Well those were my 10 random facts about me. And please give me some fashion and beauty blog post ideas!!!! I’m running out and until I get more Ideas I’ll only be posting once a week on Tuesday, but I will post on Thursdays when an idea hits me, and once I get lots of ideas I’ll go back to my twice a week schedule. Well that’s it for now see you next week. *New Posts Every Tuesday! and soemtimes Thursday.

xoxo Kaitlyn

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