What To Buy Your Friend Who Loves Fashion and Beauty?

Hello Loves!

I haven’t posted in a bit. BUT I’m doing BlogMass! Which means I’ll make a blog post everyday until Christmas then go back to my weekly schedule. So I hope you enjoy my daily fashion and beauty related Christmas blog posts today’s topic? What To Get Your Friends/Family for Christmas when they love fashion and beauty! At the end of the post I’ll link some popular makeup you can buy.

When buying makeup or clothing for someone you want to make sure it’s the best quality it can be. And if they really love makeup they might not be satisfied with drugstore brand they might be a Sephora or Mac kinda girl. Here are some things to consider when buying makeup:

  • What kind of makeup do they like most or need more in their collection? Lipsticks/glosses, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara? Find out what they want the most.

  • Ask them without asking. e.g: Person: Did you get my Christmas gift yet? You: Yes then they’ll start to guess Person: Is it the mac lipstick? Sephora blush? and now they’re telling you what they want.

  • Find the brand. Some people only like specific brands so when you see them with their makeup or if you’re giving makeovers at their house look at the brands and whatever they have the most of is their favorite.

  • Would it match them? Would the shade of makeup complement their hair, skin, eyes, etc Makeup is to enhance your features so whatever is they’re best feature you want to make that pop out and be the center of attention. 

  • And lastly just buy it! They’ll love it for sure I know anything from Sephora or Mac would put a girl in makeup heaven. And it’s the thought that counts anyway because you did something nice for someone that’s what matters.

What to think about when buying clothing?

Clothing can be tricky to buy because some people *cough *cough* me are picky and only like what’s cute and stylish fits their style etc. So how do you buy clothing for someone? Keep Reading.

  • Find their size. Ask a family member or close friend what size that person is for clothing and if you know someone the same size as them take that person with you so you’re close in measurements.

  • What’s their style? Are they Trendy? Goth? Boyish? Girly? Casual? Once you know they’re personal style find out what stores to shop at.

  • If you can;t find anything their style and you’ve tried so hard buy them PJ’s! Everyone likes Pajamas just make sure you get cute ones that suit them.

Ideas of what to buy:
Sephora Collection Lipstick
Nars Lipstick
The Famous Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette
Naked 3 Palette

Mac Eye shadow Palette
Makeup Brushes
Mac Lipsticks

Well that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed my semi pointless post. I’ll see you tomorrow!

xoxo Kaitlyn

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