My best friend likes the same guy I have a crush on!

Dear Katy,

My longtime bff has a crush on the same guy I like! She know’s I like him but said if I don’t make a move soon she’ll take him! we’re very good friends and almost never get into fights but this guy is just too cute, What do I do?


Dear Crushing,

Friendship is much to impotent to lose over some guy. I say talk it out with each other about how much more impotent being bffs is rather then you guys fighting over a guy who you most likely will end up breaking up with anyway, most childhood/teen relationships don’t last long either, and if you lose a friend over a guy and he dumps you who will you go to when you need cheering up? Friendship is much too valuable.


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  1. I agree with your advice on this. I had the same problem about a year or so ago, but I tried my best to not let the crushing get in the way of my friendship with my bff. I’m so glad I did too because now we both don’t like him anymore haha


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