Jojo Siwa FIRST Accessory Line! "ONLY AT CLAIRE’S"

Dance Mom’s tween star ‘Jojo Siwa’ is relseing her own accessory line ONLY at Claire’s this upcoming spring/summer!

Jojo’s first collection will be her signature bows and her limited addition “blingalicious” bows which will be called Jojo Siwa’s Bow Party. She’ll also release jewelry, apparel, and lifestyle products for young girls too!

Jojo Siwa says: ‘I think bows are awesome and I love creating them and now I get to create them for other people,’ Jojo said of her new line, adding: ‘I have shopped at Claire’s my whole life and now that I get to have my “Bow Party” at Claire’s it;s a dream come true!’

As you can see this young star is very excited and can;t wait to share her love of bright and funky products with you! Jojo also owns 600+ bows! Now that;s a lot of bows.

Rumor has it that at her birthday party she gave the guests each one bow from he collection! How cool is that?

The Jojo Siwa brand will be also be showcased at Licensing Expo at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nev., June 21-23.

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