M.A.C’s Mood Changing Lip Balm!

The 90’s is so back in style! We;ve seen it on the catwalk and now we’re seeing it in the makeup world. First we had Bath & Body Work’s when they released their favorite 90’s scents then Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince collection, NYX Cosmetics lipglosses as well as Smashbox Cosmetics, and now M.A.C is releasing a mood changing lip balm based on your body chemistry! There are six beautiful colors to chose from and some may show up lighter or darker on your lips depending on the chemistry, These lip balms aren’t your normal balms, they do change color and keep your lips soft to give you that beautiful pout for selfies! Now the name of their new product is called “Tendertalk” and the color range from light pinks to corals to purples. They should be coming out any day from June 2-16 depending on where you live, and they’ll cost about $20 which is a bit pricey for lip balm but it does so much it’s worth it!

here’s their poster for it:

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