Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends 2016

Hey Katy Kats! It’s Kaitlyn and welcome back to another fabulous blog post. Today I’m going to be talking about fall fashion trends 2016 so you can stay in style this season! And always remember don’t copy a look just take inspiration from it. So without further adue I hope you enjoy my top 5 picks for fall fashion of this year.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets are super trendy right now! You can get them in so many different colors such as: black, green, red, pink, and much more! They add a really cute edgy feel to your look and will keep you warm and stylish all fall!

Pink and Yellow

These may seem like more of a Spring color but don’t be fooled! Pink and Yellow are so in this season and will make you stand out among all the people who are wearing last seasons colors making you pop! The yellow is like some of the fall leaves changing color and the pink is just too fabulous for words!

Tan Everything!

Tan is such a beautiful shade! And now it’s super cute as a shirt or dress maybe a jacket or even shoes! I know for a fact tan knee high boots are a fall must.

Off The Shoulder

I simply love off the shoulder tops! And now you can still be fashion forward as long as your okay with having cold shoulders that is.

Fall Florals

Some people say floral is for old ladies. But I say it’s a classic meaning it’s always in! There are different types of floral of course like spring florals which are light pastels and daisies but fall ones are more like roses and deeper colours.

That was my top 5 Fall Fashion Trends 2016! I hope you can get some inspiration from this list and remember to stay fabulous stay true and be you! Have a fabulous time at the mall buying and creating new outfits I love you and i’ll talk to you in my next post toodles.

xoxo Kaitlyn

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