What I Love About Fall

Hello Katy Kats!
Today I decided to show you what I love about fall. So I went out and took some photos I hope you enjoy this fabulous post and let me know what you love about fall.

The leaves changing color and becoming more fabulous! It’s like they’re getting new outfits for the season.
Pumpkins. I love pumpkins they just looks so nice! And I love when they’re jack O lanterns too because they look so cool!
Leaves on the ground. They just add color to the plain green grass and fill it with style!
Darker and Berry Lipsticks. It just speaks fall and let’s your edgy side shine through!
Darker Nail Polish. I love having my nails white and baby pink most the time but it can get old. So fall comes in and let’s you experiment and have a pop of color to your nails!
Cat Ears! I don’t know why but they just ¬†speak fall to me!
Candles. They just warm up a room and make it smell so good! Plus they look adorbs.
Knee High Boots and Skater Skirts. They’re just so cute and girly and flowy I love them!
Halloween! It’s just so cool. I love seeing the kids express themselves in customs and the jack o lanterns are so cute! And plus little kids faces light up when they get candy it;s adorbs!!!
And that was all for my list! I hope you cuties enjoyed it and I’ll see you in my next one tooldes!
xoxo Kaitlyn

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