A Little Basic

Hello Katy Kats!
This outfit is “A Little Basic” but hey I’m a basic white girl and proud of it! At lest I’m not wearing UGG Boots am I right?  Anyway This outfit is super adorable and very girly and fall like (I’m also going to wear it in the winter!) So I hope you enjoy my outfit.

First Is this perfect timing or what? I had a blast doing this photo shoot and it’s super cute and honestly this is my new favorite picture of me because it’s #goals
Here is my fabulous fave fall necklace! It’s from American Eagle actually which is a great place to get inexpensive jewelry and clothing as long as you avoid the logo on everything you’ll be good.
A super cute full on look of my outfit! Isn’t it the cutest? I just get major fall vibes when I wear this outfit.
What’s a basic Fall outfit without good old knee high boots? Nothing that’s what. I’m showing off my super cute black knee high boots and wanna know a secret. They’re winter boots! That’s right I can make Winter boots look like Fall boots with the right outfit how cute!
Tree Huger! Is that one word or two? I don’t know. But trees and modeling just go so right together you know! Like I love it and had a fabulous time posing with my tree lol
And the last of my photos with this outfit! How fabulous was that? 10/10. This outfit is very on trend because knee high boots and sweaters are always for fall and so are long necklaces. Naturally most my clothes are from Garage because it’s my fave store right now!

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