French Rebel

Hello Katy Kats!
For today’s fabulous outfit it’s inspired by France and being rebellious This outfit stands out from most of my wardrobe hence it being “rebellious” but it does give off a France kind of vibe with the beret according to my father. It’s also a bit edgy with the Leather Jacket and ankle Boots also I mixed around fabric textures for a fun look.

As you can see i’m trying to look tough for this photo shoot but having the sun in my eyes made that a little hard so I am squinting in some of these photos.
Here is a full outfit view. So I paired my knit top with a leather jacket and dark wash skinny jeans, and of course ankle boots which are super trendy this season!
Speaking of Ankle Boots. Here are my babies! Aren’t they beautiful? I love the little belt around the angle part of the boot and this nice 2 inch heel makes me taller which is always a plus!
And here is my gold necklace. It’s just a really thick zipper chain kind of style very cute and edgy also very fall like.
Lately I’ve been loving having my sweaters show through my jacket sleeves I feel like it gives the outfit a bit of class but I don’t know it’s just so cute!
Paired with this outfit is dark red nail polish by Rimmel London (A very affordable drug store nail polish brand) And my red lips are Le Marc by Marc Jacobs (my fave makeup brand sold at Sephora!)
Lastly, we have the outfit without the jacket on. Still super cute yet more simple. If it’s warmer outside or you just don’t want such an “edgy” look then this is a perfect outfit!
Thanks for reading this weeks blog post! Be sure to check back every Sunday for more outfits or fashion and beauty related posts. I love you.
xoxo Kaitlyn


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