Simple Yet Chic -Inspired by Coco Chanel

Hey Katy Kats!
It’s Kaitlyn of course. Here is another fabulous blog post! I hope you enjoy this simple yet chic outfit inspired by Coco Chanel! It’s very warm and cozy for fall which is great and super fabulous.
Here is a half veiw of the outfit, I’m wearing this super cute black knit peek a boo sweater shirt! Isn’t it adorable? It’s also the softest shirt ever! It’s a bodycon style top which is very warm as it’s tight enough to keep the heat in.
Here is a full outfit veiw. I’m wearing these super skinny jeans that are dark wash and very trendy this season so is black. And everyone needs a simple yet chic style outfit that is effortlessly fashionable you know?
Here I’m wearing this diamond Chanel necklace which is very beautiful and without this necklace the outfit would be way to plain and boring.
Here I’m wearing a pearl bracelet to compliment the necklace and black shirt. It’s a very timeless and classy bracelet and our Coco Chanel sure loved black and pearls! Also I took this photo mid day so the sun was adding spots to the camera lenses which looks pretty cool but I’m not sure if it ruined the pictures or not!
And a last view of the outfit! Super cute and chic I simply adore this look and it;s great or a casual day at the mall or something.
I hope you cuties enjoyed this outfit as always there’s more to come so check back offten because I try to post frequently but I have no set schedule I just post outfits whenever I take the photos hehe I love you ❤
xoxo Kaitlyn


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