Pink and Girly! Winter Fashion

Hey Katy Kats!
Welcome back to another fabulous blog post! So this outfit is very girly and cute like me! Okay just kidding but the outfit is very girly and cute, it’s also trendy for this season! Because this season pastels pink is so in! Now I did this photo shoot inside because this outfit is not an outside kind of outfit if you live around Canada when it’s snowing outside. But for those of you who live in warmer weather go for it!
The scarf is a creamy white color and it’s a very soft lace kind of scarf. It’s an infinity scarf aka circle scarf. And I wraped it around me twice and fluffed it a bit with my hands.
Here on my wrist is my fave gold charm bracelet! It’s super cute but very noisy because there are so many charms. But it’s super cute and Paris themed!
And here is my perfect pink purse! I Just love it so very much! I also added a white puff ball onto it because they’re also very in and look super cute. Also they give off an Ariana Grande vibe!
FASHION TREND ALERT!!! Chocker necklaces! These are major this winter so I suggest you stock up on them well you still can because they’re so hot this winter you’ll look like a fashion goddess!
Again with the whole I live in Canada and it’s freezing and snowing thing. If you wear this outside I’d suggest wedge boots and nude tights! But if you live where it’s warmer then no tights and wedge sandals are the way to go. Now I do wear this outfit like this if I know I’m not going to be outside like just at a friends house hanging out.
Another last look at the full view and a close up!
Thank you guys so much for reading! (or scrolling past the words and just looking at the photos! I’m guilty of doing that too!) I hope I gave you some wardrobe inspiration! Now you can spend some money at the mall and update your wardrobe for this winter fashion season and stay fabulous! I love you.
xoxo Kaitlyn


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