Cozy and Classy in Chanel

Hello Katy Kats!

This outfit is inspired by Coco Chanel (obviously) I mean who doesn’t love Chanel? This one is very similar to my last Chanel inspired outfit but it’s still super cute and plus you can never have too much Chanel inspired outfits! I hope you guys enjoy this look and I love you!


My fabulous tan winter coat “which is very trendy this season i might add” makes a great fashion statement! And really makes me stand out in the snow, which is very important to do in the fashion world.


Here is the back view of my winter jacket. It’s very simple and I love the little buckle thing at the back! I also have a hood so if it gets super cold and rainy I can protect my fabulous hair no problem.


Without my jacket on I have this adorbs black off both shoulders top. It’s so soft and comfy plus it looks great! It’s so form fitting and gives me that pretty silhouette everyone wants. I’m also wearing some dark wash skinny jeans paired with ankle booties and of course my Louis Vuitton purse!

toppp A better look at my top! Isn’t it so glamorous? It’s honestly so comfy it feels like i’m wearing pajamas I highly recommend it! I got it on sale at BlueNotes for ONLY 6 dollars Canadian instead of like 30 major steal if you ask me!

purseThis is my Louis Vuitton Purse I think it’s a Speedy one but I can’t remember. Some people don’t like wearing a designer purse with a different designer necklace but I think it can look great if done properly which I like to think I did.


Here are my bracelets also very glamorous! My BFF got them for me at Le Chateau which is a Canadian Designer Brand I recommend you check them out as they’re simply fabulous and so elegant I love it!


My fabulous Chanel necklace It’s white and has little diamonds on it, it’s so fabulous and really makes any outfit look glamorous I love it!


Ankle booties are so in this season! Here I’m wearing a super cute pair my dad got me at PayLess shoes and btw they have amazing shoes for like super cheap these were only 45 dollars Canadian major steal! These shoes are also super adorable with the belt the goes around them.


A last look at my outfit! I think this is a very simple yet glam outfit and Chanel would be proud! ❤ I hope you guys all enjoyed it as much as I do and I’ll see you in my next post I love you!

xoxo Kaitlyn

Where to buy:

Top: BlueNotes

Jeans: Garage

Boots: Payless

Necklace: Chanel

Purse: Louis Vuitton

Bracelet: Le Chateau

Jacket: Can’t remember sorry


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