My Daily Makeup Routine

Hello Katy Kats!

Today I’m showing you what products I use in my daily makeup routine and how I use them for a flawless and “natural” look! So keep reading on and enjoy.


First off I’d like to let you know where my makeup bag is from. My best friend got it for me in Paris and I don’t know the exact store so I apologize but it is very fabulous.


I always start by doing my eyes. Here I have the Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette in Clay, And the shades I use for my eye makeup are: Whisper and I apply that was a tapered eyeshadow brush, Wink all over my eyelids very lightly with a fluffy eye brush, First Kiss I put that in my crease a little and on a bit of the eyelid, HeartBreaker that goes in my outer corner of my eye and in the crease, and lastly I use Crush and I just tap my brush in it and dab on the glittery eyeshadow for a finished look.


Time for my eyeliner! I just apply this on my top of my eyelid above my eyelashes and I always use liquid eyeliner because I feel like it gives me more of a finished and natural look. Also I use a small compact mirror to get a really good close up and make sure I’m not going off my eye so I like using my Chanel Duplex Compact Mirror it’s a super nice mirror!


I use the ELF Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Jet Black, and honestly ELF makes the best eyeliners I like them better then the Marc Jacobs and other designer brand ones so that’s surprising!


Mascara is next! This one is my new favorite Mascara and believe me I’ve used tons of different mascaras this one is the best of the best.


I use the Marc Jacobs Omega Lash Mascara in Blacquer it’s so voluminous I look so luxuries and glamorous when I use this beauty!


Lips! My favorite part of anyone’s makeup is their lipstick/gloss. Lately I’ve been really into light/nude pink lip colors because they’re just so me! Girly, elegant, fabulous, it’s just perfect!


The Lip colors i’m using are Pink Flamingo by Marc Jacobs it’s his Lip Laqour Lip Gloss and under that I’ve been loving the Rimmel London Kate Lipstick in Rouge.


Now lastly my Eyebrows! They gotta stay on fleek you know. I use the Maybeline Brow Drama Pro Palette in Blonde because I have really naturally light eyebrows so this one here is perfect I’ve tried wayy too many eyebrow palettes and pencils then I found this one and I’m never going back this one is the holy grail of eyebrow palettes!


It has a light brown sculpting wax, light brown powder, and a highlight. It also has these two brushes one is an eyebrow brush to comb them out, and the other is duel ended angled eyebrow brush one side for the wax the other for the power.

Now that you’ve seen what I use it’s time to show you how I do it with my latest YouTube video! Check in out below and leave a comment letting me know what you think and Subscribing wouldn’t hurt either 😉

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