My Purse Essentials/What’s In My Purse?

Hello Katy Kats!

Welcome back to another blog post! I finally got a schedule going so I post every Sunday around 4PM (est) and Wednesdays at 4PM (est) So be sure to check back on those days at those times for some fabulous blog posts! I also just wanted to let you guys know all my official social media due to posers so my official Instagram and twitter are both @kaitlyn_moore15 and they are always linked on my sidebar of my blog and linked on my YouTube channel which is Kaitlyn Moore. Now that, that’s all settled, let’s  get into the blog post!


So first I’m showing you my purse essentials/purse must haves! I can’t leave the house without these products because they’re super important to me and I know I’ll have to end up using them when I’m out and about.


This is my purse. It’s A Louis Vuitton handbag I think it’s the Speedy Nano but I don’t know. It’s a very small handbag but it sure does hold a lot of things! Now let’s dive into my purse and see what my essentials are.


First purse essential is a compact mirror for on the go makeup touch ups because you never know if your makeup is smudged or if there is something in your teeth! A small mirror is a must. My compact is the Chanel Double Facettes Compact mirror it’s the perfect size for any purse and great for any emergency.


Next up is lip gloss of course! I can’t live without lip gloss it’s my addiction seriously I won’t go anywhere without it. I always make sure I have my favorite lip gloss by Marc Jacobs and it’s his liplaquer lip gloss in flamingo pink. This is the glossiest lip gloss ever and it lasts so long it’s perfect!


Okay this is an obvious one. My wallet because if i’m out somewhere (most likely the mall) I’ll need money and credit cards with me if I need to buy something like If I see a super cute pair of shoes that I need or if I need to buy a water. Just having a wallet/money with you at all times is very important.


My Ipod/Phone. Also something I can’t live without because I rely too much on social media and electronics sadly. So why do I need this? Well if I need to call or text someone for a ride home or just to update my social media or call for help it’s just really good to have a phone/ipod with you.


A travel sized lipstick. As you already know I need my compact and lip gloss with me, but I also need a small lipstick with me, why? Because of lipstick emergencies of course! You never know if you’ll need the perfect red lips for any occasion  and plus it keeps you looking classy and having bright lips makes you not wearing any eye makeup still fabulous because your lips will be the focus not your eyes.


Hand lotion because I get very dry hands especially here in Canada where the weather is always cold and dry and I can’t stand dry skin I always get it really bad so I made it a essential for me to always have hand lotion with me no matter what to stop my dry hands from getting worse.


Hand sanitizer for if I touch anything dirty and need to clean my hands but there is no water on hand.


A pink pen so if I’m ever writing something down or filling out forums It has style because I’m all about fashion and style!


Hair ties because sometimes my hair just gets so annoying I need to tie it back and plus it’s prone to getting frizzy so I can just throw it up in a messy bun no problem.


And of course my EpiPen. Because I’m allergic to so many things and I’ll die if I eat anything with nuts in it so this will help save me if I accidentally eat something that can poison me.

Now for what’s in my purse?? Check out my video below and see all the weird random things I find!


  1. lol ummm this isn’t a Louis Vuitton bag. I understand luxury products are very expensive and most of us can’t afford them. However, to purchase a bag that is very clearly a fake and to say it is Louis Vuitton disgraces the brand and it is illegal in some countries to purchase or sell these bags. There are so many high quality leather bags at reasonable price points. You don’t need to pretend a fake bag is real.


      • That’s so sweet of your mom! I had a fake one a few years ago too. I thought it was real and then found out it wasn’t so I know the feeling! I’m studying fashion in college now so I can spot errors in designer items pretty good now! It’s still a really cute and nice bag though so don’t stop using it!!


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