Chic Yet Comfy

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This weeks blog outfit post is a very Chic yet Comfy look. I saw this hat at the mall the other day and knew it had to be mine, at the time I didn’t know what I’d wear with it but as soon as I got home I went straight to my closet and started planning outfits with a hat. Normally I don’t like hats because they’re just so “bleh” and not fabulous and can make or break an outfit but this hat I’ve seen models wearing them and making them look good so I took the challenge and got a super cute outfit out of it with a shirt I never thought i’d wear that much so it’s a win, win situation for this fashionista!


Here is a full view of my outfit! You may recognize my sweater from my fall outfit post “A Little Basic” And as you can see one shirt can be styled into different outfits and fit into any season and you can make it trendy and stylish again! The shirt is from Garage and as always I’ll link where to buy everything at the end of my blog post.


So here is the hat that this entire outfit is inspired from! I got this super cute hat at Roots which is a Canadian Designer Brand but I do believe they can ship internationally correct me if I’m wrong. But I’m sure you can find similar hats at any other stores, I was just at roots with my sisters who wanted some comfy sweats (not my cup of tea I’m into more stylish PJs) but I saw this hat sitting there and knew I had to have it no matter what it cost!


I’m wearing the same necklace from my Fall blog post “A Little Basic” and it’s from American Eagle I really do like their jewelry its super inexpensive and I really enjoy the bronze chains on them and the pops of colour they have.




Now you’re probably wondering where I got this super fashionable faux leather jacket? Well maybe you weren’t but It’s from a website called DressLink I got it like three years ago (yes I haven’t grown out of it apparently I don’t grow) and I think they still have it in stock too which is great! Everyone needs the perfect Leather/faux leather jacket it’s a fashion staple and I spent forever trying to find one and this one has never let me down.


Okay just saying yes leggings/tights are pants okay! As long as they’re not see through or too skin tight or too loose they can be worn as pants. They’re comfy and look great, mine have little zippers at the ankles and they’re so cute!


Sorry the shoes came out blurry on my camera! It was so cold outside and started to pour rain right after I got these pictures done so I didn’t have time to re take this one. But these ankle booties are from PayLess Shoes a great store to get super cute good quality shoes for pretty cheap these bad boys were only $40 major score in the shoe world!



And that ends this post. I hope you guys enjoyed my outfit and remember to come back every Sunday around 11AM for new outfit blog posts and every Wednesday (at 11AM) for my YouTube (my YouTube videos go up at 6AM btw) blog posts where I go more in depth about my latest video and show fun pictures and sometimes behind the scenes from them! Follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube so you never miss out on a fabulous post if you’d like and I’ll see you next time.

Where to buy:

Hat: Roots

Sweater: Garage

Jacket: DressLink

Shoes: PayLess

Necklace: American Eagle

xoxo Kaitlyn


  1. WOW – I am so impressed with your blog missy! At such a young age, you have talent. These photos are great and you look beautiful and love the outfit you put together- can’t wait to read more!


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