Classic Times

Hello Katy Kats!

This week’s outfit is something very classic and elegant (well aren’t all my outfits hehe) I am In love with this outfit it just screams Kaitlyn or Chanel haha. So what inspired me to put together this look? Well just classic, Chanel, and old runway couture styles. Now here is the fabulous outfit!


A beautiful full look at my outfit! The inspiration piece of clothing for this outfit was the shirt. I have been on a hunt for peter pan style collars on shirts and when I saw this I knew I needed it! And so I bought it and already had a vision of what I’d pair it with, my sisters thought the shirt was ugly but once I styled it they liked it!



Now where did I get this fabulous top? Surprisingly at Ardene which is a store I normally don’t like because they almost never have girly/classy outfits but I was just in the store looking at shoes and saw it, so note to self: even if you don’t like a store you might find something in there you actually do like so look around because your perfect outfit might be there. This is an ivory white lace top and it’s so pretty! It is a little see through even though it has two layers to prevent that, but I don’t mind as long as I’m wearing A white bra or something under it’s good.


O.M.G here is the peter pan collar!!! These were huge back in 2013 and I’ve always loved the look but didn’t think I’d look good in it until I got older because back in 2013 I was only a pre teen maybe a little older so I wasn’t really into that kind of look on me because when I was 12 I only ever wore bright pink and neon colours ouch.



The only accessories I have on are this pearl bracelet and a pearl headband. I always wear this pearl and I wear it too much but hey it’s so cute I can’t help it! It’s from Le Cheatu and it matches all my outfits perfectly!


This outfit also gives me a Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl feel. It’s like school girly preppy and super classy and elegant, but there is nothing wrong with being upper east side’s style icon 😉


I want to add one last thing before I go. It was so cold and windy outside when I did this photos so that just goes to show how dedicated I am to this fabulous blog and how much posting means to me and that you guys are amazing for always coming back every Sunday to see my posts! And I’m always amazed at how I can write so much about my outfits and get so much inspiration to keep putting together outfits! I love you guys so much ❤


I guess that’s all the photos I had time to do, the rest of the photos I took came out really bad because of the wind and the sun messing up the lighting or blowing my hair in my face, maybe sometime I’ll do a blog post of all the bad photos I have that’d be super embarrassing and funny though. Now I must go and take more blog photos and of course go shopping for even more clothes to keep you guys entertained! ALSO sorry for not posting last week it was raining everyday for that week and my camera isnt water proof so I couldn’t go out and get my photos done for you guys I’m so sorry!!!

Where to buy:

Top: Ardene

Skirt: Garage

Tights: Ardene

Shoes: Payless

Bracelet: Le Chateau

xoxo Kaitlyn


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