Spring Into Style

Hello Katy Kats!

This weeks blog post is one of my new favourite Spring outfits of this year! Spring is super soon and here in Canada it’s still snowing.. But it is getting warmer so it’s time to ditch your winter coats, gloves, and hats, and move on to some lighter jackets, and floral outfits! This outfit was inspired by making a plain white t-shirt and jeans look girly and fashionable, so I took on this challenge and I think I succeeded very well, take a look for yourself.


A full view of my outfit! I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all for this shoot so sorry if my face looks washed out from the sun light making my pale skin super bright and hard to see. I usually do my makeup for these photos but I completely forgot! Also the sun was in my eyes for a few pictures lol oh wll at lest my outfit looks super cute.



This outfit has a bit of everything for jewelry. Let’s start with my bracelets that I got from Le Chateu, they’re just these two super cute pearls on a silver stretch bracelet it’s super cute and I’ve never seen something like it before they’re to die for! They’ve also go this super cute pink tint to them which I’m in love with.



My pretty silver hoop earrings are from Ardene, which I think is a Canadian store but I could be wrong. They’re so nice looking though I love how the medal is all twisted and it’s just so eye catching and gorgeous!



See my nice scarf here? It use to be the bottom of an old dress I got last year but I didn’t like the way it looked the bottom of a dress so I cut it up and sewed it and voila! I made a super cute spring scarf! In my last post I used the top of that same dress as the shirt for the other outfit so go back to my Ariana Grande Style Steal post to see what the top of that dress looked like.



I’m actually just wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans for the outfit. It’s the way I styled it that made it look so glamorous and cute. My shirt is from Ralph Lauren and my jeans are from Garage.



My purse is a super cute Speedy Mini Louis Vuitton bag, it’s my baby and I love it so much! It may be small but it sure holds a lot as seen in my what’s in my purse blog post.



My ring is from some cute little shop at an amusement park and my booties are the same booties I almost always wear with all my outfits because they’re just so cute and go with everything it’s hard not to wear them even though I have like 20 other pairs of shoes these are just my go to for almost all seasons! And small black booties never go out of style.


Lastly we have a wardrobe staple. A black (faux) leather jacket! Everyone needs one of these because they go with everything and just really add style and edge to any outfit depending on how you style it. I got mine from an online site called dresslink.com and it took me forever to find the perfect fake leather jacket!


This is where my blog post will end. I hope you guys enjoyed my outfit, and got inspired to stay fabulous inside and out, I love you guys so much and I’ll see you next week in my blog post toodles!!

xoxo Kaitlyn

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