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Hello Lovlies!

Long time no see! I feel like blog posts are more special if I post them whenever and not on a schedule but maybe that’s just me being lazy. Anyways sorry for the lack of posts I was feeling uninspired lately but hopefully I’m back on track! So as you guys know I like dressing in many different fashion styles not just whatever is trendy which is pretty much the only thing I post about but honestly I don’t always like what’s trendy so why would I buy things I don’t like and not dress like the real me? I wanna be real with people and not fake, anyway enough of my random rant or whatever, today i’m showing you guys one of my all time favourite fashion styles ever and that is Lolita Fashion. Lolita Fashion is a Japanese street style that started in Harajuku Japan and has spread throughout the world and it’s about being elegant, innocent, and cute. Not a lot of people know about this fashion style but it’s honestly one of my favourites and I’m super excited to share it with you today, so let’s get a look at my Lolita coordinate aka outfit shall we.


Here is a full view of my outfit or as the Lolita community calls it a Coordinate. For those of you who don’t know the fashion this might’ve surprised you and you may find it very out there and weird. I’m wearing a Sweet Lolita Coordinate and there are many different sub-styles of Lolita and I love them all! A few sub-styles would be: sweet, gothic, classic, bittersweet, euro, and many more. Honestly there’s so many you’d have to google to find a list. Mine is more sweet and a little bit bittersweet. The main thing you’ll see in lolita is the cupcake shape of the dresses and skirts which is achieved by a petticoat. It gives you that big poof!



What I love about this dress is the fun neck style! I just love when necklines cross over like that and having that little bow in the center really makes it. As you can see the style is very doll like and kind of childish too, but at the same time it’s very elegant and beautiful.



Here’s a close up on the print. My dress is from a site called BodyLine and the print of my dress is called Striped Balloon Bears. The theme is little teddy bears and balloons obviously, and the stripe part of the name is for the overall print of the dress which is black and white striped, but you can get in many different colours I just like the black one for more of a “bittersweet” inspired Lolita look to it.



On my wrists are things called Wrist Cuffs, which are kind of like sleeve stoppers I suppose. They just add a fun little touch and help complete the overall outfit. I made my wrist cuffs from lace and I use these pretty pink beaded bracelets as an ascent to make them look more completed.

sock skirt


In Lolita fashion it’s very impotent to show as little skin as possible, so generally you’d wear tights or knee high socks always topped with some sort of lace. I’m wearing these pretty black knee high socks I found at Ardene and they’re super Lolita! You can easily find little things at normal stores to help complete an outfit. My shoes I ordered off of BodyLine and they’re a super light pink but show up more white on camera but in person they’re a super cute baby pink.



I found my little cupcake ring at an anime convention last Fall, but I also like to make my own rings and accessories out of polymer clay. One of the best parts of Lolita fashion is that you can make lots of the things you’ll wear and use, plus it gives you so much self expression!

back  full1

I guess this is where I end my post. I hope you enjoyed this post and expect more because I have a lots of Lolita outfits i’d love to share with you and many more ideas to share! Keep checking back because you never know when I might make a new post, but if you’d like to see me weekly check out my YouTube Channel I post there every Wednesday!

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmBMvykPuGkKDMRv1zrUFZw

xoxo Kaitlyn


  1. I’m learning about Lolita fashion totally from you. One interesting thing is that the ‘innocent, girly look’ is precisely what a lot of men find naughty & tantalizing. When you dress this way, are you trying to take it back & ignore that side of it? Have you noticed strong reactions to this look, or extra glances?


    • Hello Eric! I’ve never thought of it that and i’ve never noticed any creepy people thinking or looking at me like that most people love it and think it’s super cute and if they ever ask you just explain what the fashion is but try not to say lolita until the end I always just say its a japense street style thats about being cute and elegant and its just called lolita


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