My Active Lifestyle Essentials! Plus Mini Workout Routine!

Hello lovelies!

For this blog post I’m sharing my active lifestyle essentials! And I’ll also be sharing my favourite quick work out routine at the end. So I’ll be showing you lots of cute outfit pieces I like and I also used some examples from a few of my favourite work out clothing sites such as AdoreMe, Victoria Secret Pink, etc. Pretty much anything I thought looked cute.

So here are my active lifestyle essentials for working out and staying fabulous well doing it!

  1. A Good Sports Bra

Having a perfect sports bra is very important for working out not only does it make it more comfortable and support you but it also can look super cute if you style it the right way! My fave way to pair one would probably be with a pair of cropped tights as seen in this photo and this is a look from AdoreMe’s active wear collection it’s adorable!

Style Secret: Pairing a sports bra with tights is more flattering then pairing one with shorts especially if your bra and tights match!sp17_1209_anoma_064_web_anoma-print-active-bra-and-pant-set-for-women

2.  A Lazy but Cute Workout Top

I don’t know about you guys but I’m not comfortable working out or just walking around in a sports bra so I like to have a really lazy and loose but very cute top to go over my sports bra. This shirt here I want so bad actually because of how cute it! It’ll match all my current work out clothes (maybe I’ll make a post about those!) and it can also pass as a normal everyday top too! This shirt is from AdoreMe and it’s in the Siara set.

Style Secret: Always bring a spare top or hoodie with you when you go out to workout encase it gets chilly out or you need to run some last minute errands but don’t want to go shopping in a bra.


3. Tights/Leggings

As I mentioned I love working out in leggings, and my favourtie kinds are tight and breathable. Wearing tights when you work out helps warm up your body faster and having them in a breathable material makes it so you don’t overheat. I really like these ones from Victoria Secret Pink.

Style Secret: Tights aren’t just for working out! You can try to pair them for a casual look or wear them under a dress if they’re not too out there!


4. Water Bottle

Obviously you’d need a water bottle to work out so you stay hydrated because that’s the most important thing! They’re so many different kinds of water bottles but I like mine to look super cute! This one is also from PinkUntitled

5. Ipod/Phone

My last workout staple would be an IPod or Phone. Pretty much anything you can listen to music with. Because working out is pretty boring without music (I still find it fun either way)


Now those were my active lifestyle essentials. I guess it’s time to share with you my quick workout I do when I don’t have enough time for an intense workout, this is super quick but effective and you can easily do it at your own home!

Kaitlyn’s Quick Workout Routine:

35 Jumping Jacks

30 Squats

25 Push-ups

20 Sit-ups

15 Leg Scissors

10 burpees

5 v-ups

And that’s it! Don’t forget to stretch everything afterwards too!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Don’t forget to check out some of those cute workout essentials of mine so you can stay fabulous well working out and style them to your hearts content! And I’ll see you next time.

Want to see some super cute looks? Check out AdoreMe’s instagram!

xoxo Kaitlyn


  1. For me it’s so important to have good working out clothes. We all want to look good while working out right? Lovely post dear. xx


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