Pretty In Pink

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back to another fabulous blog post! Or if you’re new to my blog welcome! Today’s post is all about one of my fave tops my Cali BFF got me for Christmas and it’s finally warm enough here in Canada to wear! So this outfit was all inspired by this top and I believe she got it at Forever 21. Now let’s see what outfit I came up with this time!


Here’s the full outfit view as you can see I paired this shirt with some jeans to make it a more casual everyday look but I also paired that with some heels because A. I don’t like flat shoes, and B. I never dress too casual because I’m a fashionista after all and beauty is pain on the feet haha.



A front and back view of the shirt. It’s this super pretty mauvish pink colour and it’s all lace over a i’d like to say a spandex/polyester material top, and the lace is attached to that so the shirt isn’t see through which is great. And the back of the shirt has this super pretty criss cross lacing and I simply adore it!



The jewelry I have on is pretty simple. This Chanel logo necklace and these two pearl style bracelets from Le-Chateau. I always make sure my jewelry colours match if I have on silver I need to wear only silvers, if I have gold, just gold because mixing silver and gold jewelry is tacky.




My little purse here doesn’t carry much just about a phone, wallet, and lipstick and if you’re lucky a compact mirror. But it’s nice for just a quick day out. The purse is also from Le-Chateau and what I love about it is that it’s so small meaning you won’t carry random stuff with you my fashion tip: Always carry a smaller bag so you don’t bring useless things with you. All a purse really needs is your phone, money, and some small makeup for touch ups! This purse is perfect to dress up or down.



Here we also have my super cute heels!! Now I adore these shoes right? But one problem. They’re too wide.. I ordered them online so I didn’t know they were wide and plus they were in European sizes so I just hoped for the best when I ordered them, Now I just a need a way for them to become smaller haha.


Well I guess that’s all for this post! I hope you enjoyed it be sure to check back often because you never know when I’ll make another post unless I get on a schedule to making posts which never works out around school but since summer is right around the corner you never know 😉 In the mean time you can watch my YouTube videos those get posted weekly on Wednesdays and i’ll see you next time.

Where To Buy:

Top: Forever21

Jeans: Garage

Bracelet: Le-Chateau

Purse: Le-Chateau

Shoes: Alliexspress


xoxo Kaitlyn

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