Floral Evening

Hello lovelies,

Welcome back to another fabulous blog post or if you’ve never been on my blog welcome! I’m finally on a schedule of posting weekly content for you guys and the occasional extra post here and there so keep checking back. Now this weeks outfit post is this super cute springy summer evening outfit. It’s inspired by my shirt and how the flowers are growing in Spring but it’s for a warm spring evening or a summer evening since it’s bit more dressy or if you like dressing up fancy all the time like me it’s a casual outfit! Now let’s look at the outfit with more detail shall we.


Here’s the full outfit view. So I’m normally not a fan of floral anything or prints in general really but I really did fall in love with this top, and I actually got it about a year or two ago but wasn’t really a fan of it, it just kind of grew on me this year. I found it at Garage (the clothing store not a real garage!) and I’m pretty sure they still have it too or attest similar tops and I did add the black straps myself it came without those but I thought i’d look cuter so I bought some fabric and made those and now it”s extra cute!



half bracelet


Since the shirt is patterned I didn’t want to go all out with jewelry so I kept it simple with this silver heart necklace that has a little black gem in it, and a basic pearl bracelet because you can never go wrong with pearls. The reason I did very basic jewelry is so it doesn’t become the focus because the shirt should be the main focus in this outfit and it looks very tacky to wear big shinny jewelry with a printed top. Jewelry is suppose to compliment an outfit not be the star of it.



This is the same purse from my last blog post because it’s just so cute and this is way of dressing it up since my last blog post I had it dressed down and this time I wanted to show you how to make it more fancy.



These are my Roberto Vianni heels! These are my babies I simply adore these, they’re so pretty and I actually got these a few days ago for my Sweet Sixteen birthday party which is in a few weeks (I’ll be doing an OOTN for that blog post!) I love how simple and elegant these heels are, and normally I don’t like open toe shoes but these ones are just so wonderful and I love how the shoes are lace too it’s very chic.



That’s it for this week’s blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check back next week for another cute outfit, but in the mean time you can check out my YouTube channel I upload there every Wednesday at 6AM and that’s all for now I’ll see you soon!

Where to buy:

Top and Skirt: Garage

Purse and Bracelet: Le Chateau

Heels: Roberta Vianni  *Couldn’t find exact pair but these are similar


xoxo Kaitlyn


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