At The Fair With A Fashion Flair!

Hello Lovelies!

Last weekend I went to a fair and obviously I couldn’t go in a basic t-shirt and jeans that’s so not me! I had to go all out as always and be the most fashionable person there! So I went through my closet and put together this cute outfit, it’s fun and fashionable, also very simple so it’s great for going on those rides and not messing up my outfit.



Here’s your first look at my outfit. It was pretty chilly out and I knew I’d be out until about 10PM so I had to dress according to the weather. I decided a cute flowy Peasant blouse and jeans would be a good fit. And for the sake of the blog post I had a hat on because It just made the look but I never wore it to the fair since I’d blow away. I found this hat at Roots in the Fall and it’s just so cute! I made a blog post about awhile back if you wanna see that look.




The only jewelry I wore with my outfit was this gold necklace that has a little red ruby kind of gem in it. I didn’t wear any other jewelry because A. I’m going to a fair and don’t wait it to get stuck or tangled or anything. And B. The shirt is very detailed and I don’t want the jewelry messing that up also the sleeves are super long so you wouldn’t really see any bracelets or anything like that.




My purse here I found at a sidewalk sale last summer or the summer before that. So I have no clue where it really is from or the brand unfortunately. But It is a very cute bag and perfect for going to the fair because it’s small and cross body so I can carry it easily and it’s not big and heavy so it can only carry the essentials.



Lastly I have my wedge heels. These are Juliet + James or was it Juliet + Justine. Honestly I forget and the bottoms are pretty worn out so I can’t make out the name fully on the inside of the shoe. But they’re Juliet + J-something rather.. Either way they’re super cute shoes and everyone needs a nice pair of wedge heels for the summer.



That’s it for my post! I hope you enjoyed. Below I listed where I bought everything so be sure to check it out and maybe look around for similar things and get inspired! Make sure you follow my blog to see more outfits and other fabulous posts! I really want to try and post weekly on Fridays but we’ll see how it goes. And if you want to see even more fashion and beauty related posts by me subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow my other social media, and I’ll see you next time.

Where To Get:

Top + Jeans : Garage

Hat: Roots

Necklace: Aliexspress

Heels: Juliet + Justine or was it Juliet + James???


xoxo Kaitlyn


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