Summer 2017’s Hottest Fashion Trends!

It’s pretty much summer time now which means no school aka more time at the mall looking cute! So you’ll obviously want to be wearing some of this seasons hottest trends and incorporate them into your very own style. So let’s flash back to good old fashion week where summer’s trends showed and see which ones really made the cut this season!

Off The Shoulder


This was in last fall and it’s making it’s way into Summer too! Off the shoulder shirts and dresses are always huge and this summer is perfect to wear them! I;v been seeing these in all the stores at the malls so you’re sure to get your hands on one and rock the world!

Tight Waist Tops


Everyone should have a well fitted top but this trend takes the cake! Weather you’re wearing a corset style top or just wearing a tight shirt showing off that shape in your body is super cute and flirty.

Think Pink!


My favourite trend this year is the colour pink and i’m so happy to see it at all the stores in the mall it makes shopping so much easier for me since I normally wear pinks and whites with the occasional bold colours here and there but mostly pinks and whites.

Stripes, Stripes, and even more Stripes


Stripes are everywhere small ones, big ones, and even bright and bold ones! Stripes can be flattering if you find the right kind but that’s not always the case so just try out this trend and see what you think of it!



For the last trend from fashion week I’ve been seeing everywhere at the mall and online and just on people is bras. Not like your normal bras but more like bralettes or crop top styles. You just throw one on under a shirt that shows too much and it’s like an instant glam cover up! or just wear one with a high waisted skirt and pull of that old school Ariana Grande vibe.

Those were the 5 hottest fashion trends for summer 2017! Have you been noticing these in stores? Leave a comment and tell me what other trends you’ve been seeing and follow my website for more of the latest teen/young adult fashion and beauty trends, tips and ticks.

I don’t own the photos but I did do all the research on which trends made the cut for this post here are links to the sources I got the photos from and these articles also list a some of summer’s upcoming trends too give them a read!

Photo Sources:Ā 



Harpers Bazer


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