Father’s Day Special! My Dad’s OOTD

Hello lovelies!

Kaitlyn here and this outfit post is extra special because it’s father’s day and someone called Alexandria wrote to me and asked if i’d like to make a post showing off my dad’s outfit and I agreed! It’s a fabulous idea and my dad loves supporting my website and stuff so we got straight to work and I took his photos in one of his fave outfits that really shows off his style take a look.


Here’s the full look of his everyday style. As you can tell he’s very casual and brightly dressed, he loves wearing bright orange shirts he honestly owns more than ten orange shirts with different a designs on them! Here is one of his many oranges shirts as you can see he has a weird math like problem on it.



For accessories he has on his watch which he wears everyday and it’s probably from Walmart or Canadian tire though since he’s not into designer clothes like me which is totally fine since everyone likes different things and I think the way he dresses suits him very well much better then some designer suits and ties would.


I told him we were going to do a half view so he separated him self with his arm because he’s a dad and they make jokes like that.


These are his glasses which he wears every day since he’s super blind without them and I picked these out for him which is probably the only reason they’re the most expensive part of his outfit it’s as close to designer he can get and that’s okay because it’s his style and he likes it.



Lastly we have his shoes which he got at Payless and they match all his clothes so he likes them. Now it’s time for you to see his embarrassing model poses I hope you don’t cringe too much 😂




Okay that’s it for his “dad model posses” they’re super funny and we had a great time doing this photo shoot together.


I hope you enjoyed this post be sure to share it so your friends and family can get a laugh and tell me about your dad’s fashion styles in the comments and I’ll see you in my next blog post probably tomorrow toodles!

If your dad needs more stylish well fitted pants check out these pants at Bonobos

xoxo Kaitlyn


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