16th Birthday OOTD

Hello lovelies!

Today is another special day outfit post because it’s my sixteenth birthday today! My party is on Saturday so you’ll see my dress then but this is just the casual outfit I wore for today.


As you can tell it’s very fashionable (obviously because all my outfits are) but still on the casual side of things since today is just a chill day at home since all my friends have exams this week and I’m home schooled so I don’t get those scary exams so my birthday week is just spent with family at home and I also have cheerleading tumbling class tonight which is a good way to spend my birthday until my big party on Saturday.



Here I am wearing this super pretty necklace from aliexspress it’s just a diamondy crystal looking statement necklace and it really ties this look together since it compliments my top which I got from Guess.




Of course I’m wearing my fave pearl bracelet from Le Cheatu and also this gold 16 bracelet my grandma got me at the jewelry store! It’s so delicate and pretty and yes I know my necklace is silver and my bracelet is gold and those colours can be tacky together but the bracelet is so small and dainty no one will really notice since it doesn’t clash like at all.




Now we have my purse which is also from Le Cheatu you guys see this one lots of time as it’s one of my go to purses and I adore it! Then for shoes I have these Findi white wedge heels which are also super cute and match my top.



And that’s it for my outfit! I love this outfit it’s one of my new faves and it’s just so stylish but simple which is what I’m all about. I hope you guys thought it was cute and It feels great to finally be 16 years old now! I’ve wanted to be 16 for so long because A it’s my fave number and B it’s just such a magical age for some reason I find it very glamorous. Anyway leave a comment and follow my blog I try to post daily about the latest trends, Advice, Quizzes, and my outfits I’ll talk to you guys later toodles!

xoxo Kaitlyn


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