Vampire Queen

Hello lovelies!

As some of you may know I’m into fashion design, well I decided why not start sharing some of the things I’ve made! So occasionally i’ll post the outfits I’ve made and hopefully you guys like them and maybe doing this will help my fashion career in the future so this dress is my newest piece and it was inspired by vampire queens and prom dresses.


As you can see it’s a very elegant dress and it’s this beautiful bright red which compliments my dark hair and pale skin. The fabric I used is like a stretchy polyester silk i’m not 100% sure but when I saw the way it moved when I picked up the fabric I knew it’d made a beautiful evening dress.



I actually used an old scarf’s fabric to make the waist belt it was the exact same shade of red as my dress and when I saw that I knew it had to be apart of this look. I actually just tie it out and bow it in the back and it looks really good.



I also had to make a criss cross neck tie because if you know me you know my current fashion obsession  is crossed neck ties on anything! I even added it to a swim suit I made! I just find it very pretty and flattering. I also love the look of folded fabric on dresses like I did for the top portion of my dress where I gathered and sewed it all so it made this nice tightly pulled fabric fold thingy.




My only accessories are my two silver pearl brackets which match my silver heels. I always wear this brackets when I have silver jewelry going on because they actually go with everything and add that perfect classy look to it because sometimes silver can look tacky or childish if it’s not styled correctly.




And that’s it for the dress I made! I really love how this turned out and currently it’s my favourite thing I’ve made maybe sometime i’ll post the sketch I drew of it and share more fashion designs with you guys if you enjoy this kind of post. Well I’ll see you in my next blog post or trend update toodles!

xoxo Kaitlyn


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