Glam City Girl

Hello Lovelies

It’s been awhile since I last posted sorry! I had all these outfits all ready to post but forgot where I saved the files haha but don’t worry I found them so now I can upload them throughout the days for you guys! So I recently visited the city which is where the inspiration for this outfit came from and it’s super girly and glamorous and I just love it.



My shirt is actually from H&M but it’s just so beautiful how could I’ve not gotten it? Since Fall is soon but we still have warmish summer fall weather I thought a velvet cami would be a good fit since everyone knows velvet is in like every fall.



So I’m not really 100% sure where my necklace is from since it was a gift from one of my friends but it was a peoples jewelers box but that might’ve just been an old box haha. And naturally I have one my fave pearl bracelet that I wear in pretty much every girly outfit.

8 7


Then I paired this outfit with some pink and gold heels I got on and my Vintage Strada Purse. Okay one problem with these shoes tho is that their wayyyy too big on my feet even tho I ordered my size.. But whenever I walk there’s so much room and my feet slide and pop out so it;s kind of annoying and I need a way to fix them.


And that ends this look! I think it’s very casual yet girly and perfect for a busy day out well staying cute and comfy. I hope you found this outfit super cute! If you want to see more outfits then follow my blog and leave a comment I love checking out other fashion blogs and getting inspired! You should also read all my other posts haha okay enough self promo I’ll write again soon toodles!

Where To Buy:

Top: H&M

Jeans: Garage

Heels: Aliexspress

Jewelry:  Le chateau. 

xoxo Kaitlyn

Instagram: Kaitlyn_Moore15


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