Effortlessly Chic

Hello lovelies!

It’s been awhile huh? (September 14th 2017 was my latest blog post) Well that’s just because it’s been way to cold for me to go outside in this weather modeling my cute clothes for you guys. Like seriously it’s been -32 C which for those of you who do temperature in Fahrenheit it’s -25.6 F according to google. So that’s very cold but I was lucky enough to get out at only 5 degrees Celsius which is 41 degrees Fahrenheit and yes it was still very cold and snowy but I toughed it out to get a blog post going! I did a couple of outfits so hopefully I have stuff to post from now on haha. So without anymore blabbing on here is my cute  and comfy outfit!




This outfit is very casual and laid back, but at the same time i’m keeping it glam and chic. It’s one of those outfits that looks like you didn’t even try but you still make it look like it belongs on the runway kind of deal. I’m keeping it very basic with a plain white Ralph Lauren Tee and light wash skinny jeans.




To make the outfit not so casual that you’ll fall sleep and be like “wow this isn’t fashion this is just laundry day” I added some accessories. In the winter time I tone down my style because it’s very cold and I honestly just want to be warm but I still need that glamorous feeling going on and to turn peoples heads when I enter the room. So I went for a cute light pink bomber jacket (it was so hard to find one!!) I got this one from H&M and my two necklaces are from a local store aren’t they cute together?



Lastly my boots are from LuLu’s and that;s it for this outfit! I think it’s super comfy, warm, and of course stylish! My next few outfits are probably going to be very laid back like this one as it’s cold and I want to be warm and cute. So I’ll see you in my next blog post which we can hope is next Saturday and I want to post more tips and stuff on this blog so I can post more then just once a week and I’ll see you next time. Follow my blog for more and I love you toodles!

xoxo Kaitlyn

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