Dark Light In The Snow

Hello lovelies!

Look at me posting when I said I would! I seriously hope I keep this up haha. Anyway, today’s outfit is one of my faves by far! It’s super me and of course its warm and cozy for the winter time. This is my oversize black sweater outfit! Honestly any outfit can look good with the right shoes and accessories as I mentioned in my previous post. For real though this tip works for everyone and every style because shoes and accessories are your best friend I promise.



Stacked necklaces are a classic for plain outfits. My fave moon necklace is from Spencers, my velvet choker is actually from Claire’s and my other necklace was from my sister so I have no clue where it’s from. So fashion tip of the week! If you have a very plain outfit and one necklace won’t do the trick try to stack multiple necklaces of different lengths for a fun look!




My leggings are just basic Victoria Secret PINK ones because they’re just so comfy and flattering. And my beautiful books are Cagney 725 Originals.


That is it for my post this week! Sorry I didn’t have too many photos of this outfit it was very cold outside and I did not want to turn into an ice cube but I did my best for you guys! Be sure to follow my social media liked below for daily posts and updates. OH one last thing! Aside from my normal YouTube channel I decided to make one for my blog here! I’ll be sharing behind the scenes of my photo shoots, fashion/beauty tips, and just fun things like that so you should check that out too.

YouTube for this site:

Instagram: Kaitlyn_Moore15

Twitter: Kaitlyn_Moore15

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